You’re welcome.Think Mama Cass ever had issues with Skinny Minny Michelle Phillips, there? I’ll bet Mama Cass wanted to punch her a time or two (or maybe that’s just me).

So it’s Monday (obviously. Why would put up that video on a Thursday?) and hey, guess what I did over the weekend?

I turned into Jennifer Hudson! I can now sing and act, so I won’t need this blog anymore to be my creative outlet. See ya, Suckahs!!

Okay, I lied.  I didn’t really turn into JenHud, but I joined Weight Watchers on Saturday because even though I was making a little bit of progress on my own, I realize I need a little bit extra help. And hey if Jennifer Hudson can shed her fabulously talented chub, so can I.

And now I’m debating on telling you what my beginning weight was on Saturday, because it’s a really high number and I’m super embarrassed that I let my fabulous self get so outta control. But heck, I bare everything else on this blog, why let a stupid number stop me now? So…my beginning weight at my first weigh in was…sheesh this is hard…my beginning weight was….*cough197cough*. For all intents and purposes, that’s 200 pounds, folks. I think I weigh the same amount as my 6’1″ husband (and hell no, I didn’t tell him. What am I, crazy? Don’t answer that.) No one who is 5’3″ should weight that much ever. EVER EVER EVER. So freaking unhealthy, but I’m going to change that. All I have to do is have faith in the program, just follow the program today, and it will all work out eventually.

How much do I hope to lose per week, you ask? (Thanks for asking, btw) At this point I’m aiming for a loss of .2 pounds per week. Yep that’s right – POINT TWO. I figure I can most likely lose that much and if I lose more than that, well that’s just a bonus. It might take me 2 years to get where I ultimately want to be, but that’s okay. That 2 years is going to pass regardless, so I might as well be losing instead of gaining.

This happens to me every single time. Just when I get started on losing weight, someone (usually the sweet old man across the street) brings me something like this:

It’s strawberry cake if you can’t tell. He just now brought it over – what do I do with it? It smells divine. I’m thinking I’ll take it to the break room and give it to one of the guys at lunch.

Okay I took one bite. It was…meh. Tasted like a box mix. I put the rest of it in the breakroom so someone can have the rest or if they don’t want it, I’ll chunk it.

So that’s my sitch. Looks like this might turn back into a weight loss blog after all. 🙂