Hey! How’s it going today?

Can you stand another work update? I think my boss is quitting. On Monday afternoon, he started cleaning out his office of his personal effects, and when I asked him about it he said he has something else lined up. He said it’s a 95% done deal, all he has to do is interview just for formalities and then he’ll be outta here. He won’t say where he’s going and he’s not sure when (he thinks within the next couple of weeks). It’s going to be very embarrassing for him if this deal falls through and he doesn’t get the job. I’m sure he’ll find something else, but if it were me, I would have waited to clear out my office until I was 100% certain I was going to leave. But that’s just me.

At first I was upset at all the turmoil at work, but the more I think about it, the more excited I get about the changes that will take place. I think most of my complaints about my job weren’t actually about the job itself, but about my boss. Truth be told, I’ve got a pretty sweet deal here and I would love it if I didn’t have to give it up. So my boss leaving feels like a very positive thing, but I wonder of course about who will replace him. The line from Heathers popped into my head just now:

Yes, dear diary, I’ve cut off Heather Chandler’s head, and Heather Duke’s head has sprouted back in its place like some mythological thing my eighth grade boyfriend would have known about.

(This happens to me a lot: a single line from a movie I haven’t seen in 20 years will suddenly appear in my head, appropriate to the situation at hand. The fact that these lines come from dark teenage comedies instead of acclaimed works of literature only bothers me a tiny bit.)

So yes, it  looks like the Boss is leaving, but will he be replaced by someone worse? I don’t know if they’ll promote someone here or if they will offer it to someone from another location. My joy is tempered with worry – hopefully unfounded worry. This is a strange state to be in: excited but cautious. Stay tuned to find out more on As The Job Turns (insert soap opera music here). 


I’ve made a decision about my food plan – instead of eating 6 small meals a day, I’m going back to 3 squares a day. Eating six small meals has become six opportunities to overeat every day and my expanding waist line just can’t take it. I know the six meals a day works great for some people, unfortunately I am not some of those people, so it’s back to 3 meals a day with a snack if I need it in the afternoon. I’m trying to eat just a little bit more at each meal and add more veggies/fruit as well so I can stay fuller longer. So far it seems to be working – I’ve dropped a pound and a half in the last 4 days so I’m going to try this a little bit longer and see how it works out for me. On the flip side, if in 2 weeks, I don’t feel like I am making any real progress, I’m going to sign up for Weight Watchers. It’s been several years since I last tried WW and I remember those weekly face to face weigh ins were very motivating. I need some more accountability – I need the approval of the receptionist when I have a good weigh in, and as weird as it sounds I need to know that there is the potential for the disapproving sigh when I have a bad weigh in to keep me on track. Yes I realize it’s twisted, but hey, whatever works, right?!

I’ve discovered that I really love walking on my treadmill while watching comedians on Netflix. For a few days it was The Best of Will Ferrell on Saturday Night Live, and this week I’ve started watching Jim Gaffigan. The time on the treadmill flies by and I also get a great ab workout from all the giggling I do. My Kindle Fire might just revolutionize my workout routine! And by revolutionize, I mean, get one started. Oh, my foot is no longer hurting, and hey here’s a tip: don’t walk for 45 minutes on the treadmill while wearing house shoes, even if it is a slow walk. Downton Abbey wants you to wear supportive shoes while watching it! Downton Abbey doesn’t want you to get hurt like I did! I’m pretty sure this is how I strained my foot, so I just made sure to wear supportive shoes as much as possible for the next few days and the problem seems to have taken care of itself. I’ll know not to make that mistake again.

So anyway, that’s the latest. I have another therapy appointment on Friday and hopefully it won’t cost me a week’s worth of groceries since I’ve used up all my EAP freebie sessions. Oh well, my family doesn’t need to eat every week anyway, right? (That’s a joke. Please don’t call DHS on me.)

Later taters!!