Sheesh, I’ve been intending to write a post for over a week but just haven’t made time to sit down and do it. There’s a lot of stuff I would like to get out of my brain – the longer it swirls around, the harder it becomes to write a nice coherent  piece. So I’ve decided to just dump it out here in lovely bullet point fashion. Pulitzer-quality blogging right here, folks. You’re welcome.

  • Still in counseling and still loving it. We are working on my being more assertive (not aggressive, assertive – there’s a difference) and I really like how it’s going so far. Have you heard of the Assertive Bill of Rights? If you Google it, you will find several different versions, but they all basically say the same thing. You (I) have basic rights when it comes to communicating effectively, and we (I) should exercise those rights. We (I) are (am) working on that. Also something interesting, whenever I bring up food issues, my therapist gently steers me in the direction of abandonment issues. It’s starting to really sink in that my issues are so much more than food related. My therapist suggested I read Toxic Parents and The Language of Letting Go – I’m only in the first few chapters of each, but so far it seems to be spot on. 
  • Work = ugh. I’ve not made it a secret about all the issues I’ve had here at my job and my most recent issue I wrote about here. I always thought that if the higher-ups knew what my boss was doing(or more appropriately, not doing), it would be such a satisfying feeling to expose him. Turns out it’s not as satisfying as I thought it would be. His boss was here this week and spoke with all the employees individually, then gave my boss a laundry list of things that he was doing wrong. Of course my boss truly believes he’s done everything right and is stubbornly sticking to his ways, but now instead of just feeling betrayed by me, he feels betrayed by everyone in the office. Seeing someone broken down and crushed does not feel good. I don’t like being the catalyst for another person’s suffering, even if he did somewhat bring it on himself. The revenge business is not for me. I don’t know how Inigo Montoya did it for 20 years.
  • I think I sprained a ligament or something in the top of my foot, so now if I’m on my feet a lot, it really begins to ache. At first I thought it was just a bruise, but after a day of yoga, then walking the next day, I knew it wasn’t a bruise. I’m trying to stay off of it, which means that I haven’t done my other 2 days of yoga/walking. Dangit.
  • I got my Fitbit!! I like it because it makes me aware of how activity I actually get in a day, and I love the sleep tracker as well. For some reason I always seem to wake up at 3am for several minutes – wonder what that’s about??? Anyway, I’m enjoying seeing how many steps I can get with each activity. Zumba yields approximately 4,000 steps and walking on my treadmill gets me about 3,000 right now. When I just do my regular day’s activity, I only get maybe 3,000 steps total, so adding those workouts really bumps up my total for the day. No, I haven’t reached 10,000 steps yet – I think the most I had was close to 8,000, but it’s fun keeping track.


That’s all I have time for today. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. 🙂