Rested and restored

Hello kids!!

I hope you all had a nice Christmas holiday. I fully intended to blog before Christmas but I was busybusy and didn’t make time to sit down and post. But now that the stockings have been hung and the wrapping paper carnage has been cleaned up (mostly) and I have taken a sufficient number of naps, it feels like a good time to  post.

So just to wrap up the workplace drama, I talked with Janet about it and she brought up some good points – things I perhaps could have done differently, things the bigwigs should have done differently, and how it’s not really something to quit my job over, but I’m still keeping an eye open. I go back and see her on the 7th and hopefully we’ll talk about my food issues then.

Speaking of food issues (aren’t we always?) I have done really well in the last couple of weeks – I guess all the stress decreased my appetite for a few days. Sugar had no hold on me; even with all the holiday baking I just had no desire to partake of any of the sugary treats. Until yesterday, that is.  When I finally realized that everything was bought, wrapped, cooked, opened, exchanged and all was well and good, that’s when I succumbed to The Afters. Today has been especially hard – being supremely lazy and taking all sorts of catnaps has made me feel rested, but I’m still dealing with wanting to eat – and it’s not just sugar that I want (in fact, that’s not even what I really want) I want fun appetizer-type foods. Luckily I don’t have anything of the sort in my house and I don’t want it bad enough to go and get it. I just want FOOD. Good, tasty, warm and filling food. We’ve got grilled chicken on the menu tonight (if the hubs wants to stand outside in 16 degree weather and grill it) and I’ve got some broccoli that I want to roast, so I’m looking forward to that. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

In other news, I got a Kindle Fire from Santa and I luuuurrrve it!!! Since I have joined the Land of the Apps, my question for you is, what are some of your favorite apps? Other than email, Facebook, Pinterest…what apps have you come to love? I got the PBS app, and being the semi-nerd that I am, I’m especially excited that I can watch a show about the snowy owl anytime I want.  I’ve also downloaded the FitBit app because, Merry Christmas to me, I ordered a Fitbit One and I  can’t wait to get it and play with it. IF IT EVER GETS HERE. I mean, I ordered the thing 6 days ago and yes, I realize we had a major holiday and a weekend in those 6 days, but WHAT ABOUT MY NEEDS, Fitbit??? Hmmm?  If you cared about me, Fitbit, you would have shipped that sucker out the minute I ordered it. It’s like you don’t even know me! Oh wait, you don’t know me…never mind, just get it here soon pleeeeeeeze!!!

Okay, well even though I’m on vacation this week, laundry and dishes don’t take vacations so I suppose I should deal with those pesky details. If Santa really loved me, he’d get me a maid…or a wife. 😉


7 thoughts on “Rested and restored

  1. Okay, I can see I’m going to have to get app recommendations from you!! PBS has an app?? All I have are games and books on my kindle. I do like watching youtube things on my kindle. They have some nice lectures on there!

  2. We can’t get Kindle Fire in Australia, or couldn’t when I got my ebook last year. So I got a Kobo instead. It doesn’t do apps and stuff. But I can read books on it. I used it a lot for a few months then not at all. The pros are that it is light and also flat, the flatness is important when you are trying to read while eating, the “book” doesn’t flip closed annoyingly when your hands are busy with knife and fork and you are trying to trap it under your plate edge but the book is too thick … but I still love real books. I had a lot of half-owned trilogies in paper format and I had to complete the set, right?
    One really annoying thing, for me, is that it isn’t obvious how far through a book you are. I always need to know my current position in the universe — what time it is in the middle of the night, how long until the end of a book. My Kobo (don’t know about other types) gives me chapter progress (page 3 of 42) but not book progress.
    Books are cheaper, though.

  3. when I’m stuck in the house too long and have been lying around too much, like I do over a holiday break, my “I wanna eat” instinct kicks in. It’s esp powerful after being so stinking busy. You can name it as Afters, which is a good thing to know.

    Glad you had a helpful session with Janet on your work situation.

    Oooh, kindle fire! I don’t have a tablet yet. Probably won’t for a while. I want one that can play you tube videos and has flash player and runs on the Apple platform. I may be waiting for eternity for that combo. I only read books on my kindle (regular, 2nd generation with the keyboard). I can’t stand to hold a real book anymore, just too bulky and heavy. My daughter is the opposite. She wants to hold a book in her hands. She refuses to read anything on her iPod and doesn’t want a kindle. To each her own.

    Happy new year!

  4. “wrapping paper carnage” — LOL Love the description

    I don’t know much about Kindles and apps for them, but I do have a favorite app for my smartphone: Sleep Machine — best $2 I ever spent.

    I’m so happy for you that Janet has been a positive outlet and resource for you. Best $2 you ever spent! 🙂

  5. I got my fitbit for Christmas and am still getting used to it. I feel like the steps counter is way off. I’m looking forward to what you think. Hopefully you’ve got it by now. Enjoy!

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