According to the comments on my last post, I got the vague  feeling most of you think FOOD is the most important aspect of weight loss. Is that right? Because you weren’t at all clear on that. I’m just guessing here, using my Sherlock Holmes skillz about what it is you were trying to say.

That was a joke, y’all. Don’t worry, I got the message loud and clear.

So I should be 80% concerned with what I’m shoving in my gullet and 20% concerned with working it off. That kind of feels like a knife in the heart because exercise is so much easier for me to tackle than the food stuff. But I get it, I do. I realize I need to eat less/eat better – that’s just a given.

I’m not going to do the Insanity videos. For the month of December I’m going to focus on walking most days and I’ll probably throw in a Zumba class once in a while too. I’d like to add in something different for January just because I know I’ll get bored with the treadmill after awhile.

This week I have my 2 appointments – Lady Doc and Therapist, and even though I’m feeling much better I’m still ready to talk to someone and see if we can’t figure out something that will make me feel better all the time, instead of just feeling good ten days out of the month. And yes, I know that cleaning up my food will help, but things are progressing in such a way that I really think putting together a team will be more beneficial for me in the long run.

A lot of the activities that were causing me such stress are over now (PTL) which in turn has allowed me to do things like get together with friends and go for walks in the park (hello 75 degree days) and all of these things make me feel better, but there’s still an underlying feeling that is just simmering under the surface and something as innocuous as my daughter bouncing a ball in the garage can irritate me to no end. It’s the level of intensity of my irritation that has me concerned, really. Little things like being stuck in traffic are annoying, but having to sit through a green light makes want to get out of my car and punch someone in the throat. My girls bickering with each other drives me crazy anyway, but lately I have to literally remove myself from their presence before I go ballistic. I typically feel some degree of this when I’m PMSing, but lately I’m feeling it when I know PMS is not a factor.

It’s fun to be me, y’all.

Today I am trying to eat well – giving a cold shoulder to the white stuff, tearfully tearing myself away from sugar (mostly, I had some honey in my yogurt today). I know the more I stay away from it, the easier it will get, but right now? It’s hard. hard hard hard. I’ve got a wicked craving for some No Bake Cookies like you wouldn’t believe. Hopefully my apple w/ peanut butter snack later will take care of it. (yeah right)

Okay kids, that’s all I got for today. I’ll talk at ya later in the week.