To Insanity or not to Insanity?

Since all my aspirations of  losing weight in 2012 are slowly dying a sad death, I’ve decided that 2013 will be The Year of Transformation for me. I want to be down 50 pounds by December 31, 2013 – completely doable, but it will take some serious work. It might even take something drastic, something possibly even…INSANE.

Muahahahahaha! *wrings hands manically*


I’ve been toying with the idea of doing the Beachbody Insanity videos in January (because isn’t there some law that says you have to start a serious work out regimen in January?), but since I’ve never even done P90, P90X, or any kind of workout that starts with a letter and ends in a number, I wonder if I’m getting in over my head. I’ve heard that it’s pretty fast paced, but that it only uses the same 10 moves over and over again. I’ve heard it’s hardcore, but I can always modify it to meet my needs. A lot of the reviews I’ve read talked about how hard it is on the joints – that kind of scares me. I like the fact that the work outs are short-ish (30-45 minutes each) and that the only equipment you need is your own body. I just wonder if it’s the kind of thing that will piss me off because it’s so fast and furious – will I get discouraged and end up not doing it at all?

Have any of you done the Insanity workout? Do you have an opinion on it that you want to share? I can’t seem to make a  decision on this – someone tell me what to do!!

9 thoughts on “To Insanity or not to Insanity?

  1. Good morning Jill! Hmmm. Seems like we both might be getting a little insane with this weight loss thing heheh.

    So I’d never heard of it, and I googled it and they had an article on WebMD! I don’t think a doctor wrote the review though.

    After reading about it, I thought, what about working up to it. Maybe start now (or in January) with Jillian’s Shred, or some such vigorous thing, and then do the beach body thing? You might get more benefit from it that way.

    Either way, AND I’M SPEAKING ONLY FOR MYSELF, there is no way I would have a beach body in 60 days, no matter what I did for that 60 days LOL.

  2. I did PX90, or whatever it’s called. Unlike most users, I hated HATED it, and got rid of it. Why? More than the intense pace and repetitiveness was the personality of the main guy, Tony. Can you say BRING IT? Again and again. Did NOT motivate me. As a l-o-n-g time exerciser who began where you currently are (based on your previous posts about workouts and weight), may I give you some advice? Start out slower and (this is key) consistently. Start now. Why wait? Doing those hard-core workouts like the Beachbody ones will get you discouraged in no time, and you’ll likely give up, and be out the $$ to boot. So, start with a brisk walk (every day-30 minutes) and some sort of weight lifting, increase intensity as your fitness level improves, and hopefully you will avoid injury and discouragement. Group exercise like Jazzercise or Zumba is great, too, if that appeals. It takes time, so be patient. Slow and steady wins the race.

  3. I used to be close to 200 lbs and gave Insanity a try to lose weight> The first time I completed the program but once I was done I went back to my old habits because I was burnt out on the strict diet and exercise regimen. I would advise you to focus on your diet first for two months. Don’t even workout just focus on following a diet for two months and if you’re able to stick to it for that amount of time then add a short but intense workout program. Something that take about 30 minutes but really works up a sweat for that 30 minutes. Good luck!

  4. I tried Insanity, but only for a couple of days. It definitely is hardcore, and it will push you beyond belief. But I am still thinking about giving it another go once my schedule isn’t as hectic as it is at the minute (that’s what stopped me from doing it last time – not having enough time for it), so I guess I’m overall quite positive about it 🙂 Just give it a go and see for yourself 🙂
    Love, Anne

  5. Thoughts that cross my mind (stuff I’ve learned but don’t have the sources now to back any of it up):
    – Weight loss is 81.35-ish percent what and how much we eat // don’t eat.*
    – The more intense the workout, the hungrier we will be.
    – Aren’t your hips and feet falling apart like mine? (hip bursitis, plantar fasciitis)
    — We need to get a good portion of the weight off before doing impact exercises on those poor, abused body parts of ours before they get worse.
    – Exercise does boost us to want to do better. Adjusting the workout to your needs and ability (like you said) would be wise.

    *That is so hard for me to get under control, but I know that’s where my focus needs to be. That and strength training with walking. I keep putting those things last. Grrr.

  6. I’m totally with you. I completely failed the whole weight loss thing in 2012.

    Haven’t done any of these workouts. I was considering the 30 day shred, but the fact that you are supposed to do the same thing every day puts me off. Shouldn’t there be such a thing like rest? Or maybe I just didn’t get the concept right. Who knows.

  7. darlin’ it is FOOD that is the main component for weight loss. Most of us can’t work hard enough to work off (unhelpful) food choices. It is the food that needs our attention/focus/daily commitment.

    And, just saying, most people that pick a date and a poundage usually do some weird psych thing on themselves. It is better (in a lot of ways) to focus on each day. It is the daily habits (food, sleep, water, exercise) that prove in the end.

    I think I remember you took a boot camp type class and thought it was too hard for you.

    If you want to work up to that type of approach, find 12-16 moves that you CAN DO (without hurting yourself) and then do each of them for 1 minute each. A self made circuit. Take a couple breaths and then do them all again, for one minute each. You can simply make a list (sit ups, jumping jacks, etc). A workout feature in a magazine (or two) is a great place to find ideas. You might only do a couple of each move in your minute allotment for each move. But it is a very good way to work the whole body and build.

    Pilates is always a great idea (in my opinion), do the moves in the simplest form (feet on floor) until you work up to a higher level.

    Cardio that does not damage joints can be a big help. I think walking at a fast enough pace so that you can hear it in your breath and you can’t carry on a conversation is a great idea. I hate to see anyone impact/pounding on their body, especially if they still have any excess weight. It is just asking for trouble.

    If you have access to a pool, swimming laps is wonderful, body friendly exercise.

    The last thing any of us want to do is deal with an injury. And a LOT of people hit it hard (like it sounded in your post) and then it blows up all over them. I think they are trying to make up for everything they wished they had been doing all on the first day.

    People walk into my free weights class (as a newbie) on a regular basis, and think they are going to work out at the same level as those of us who have been building up for YEARS.

    We have learned form/positioning. We have built up our muscles. We have built endurance.

    We all start where we are.

  8. Fat loss is 80+% what you eat. Yes – exercise is good but you can’t out-train a bad (unhealthy) diet.

    Have you considered kettlebells? I love them. Combines cardio & strength training in one relatively quick and easy workout. I find it fun also. Check out Tracy Reifkind, Lauren Brooks or Lorna Kleidman.

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