I am so thankful for all of you who left such nice comments on my last post. I am touched and really appreciate it.

I missed a call from the counseling place on Wednesday afternoon, and couldn’t get through when I called back so I’m going to call again today at lunch and see if I can’t get an appointment scheduled soon. I have the appointment with my Lady Doc on December 5th. I’m looking forward to both appointments.

Of course as it always happens, I felt better as soon as I talked with the initial counselor on the phone. I think just moving forward with all this has helped, but I still want to actually sit down and talk with someone. I felt really good Thursday and Friday, and mostly Saturday, but by late afternoon Saturday I was feeling down again. Not sure why but my mood just seemed to tank and I was somewhat pissy for the rest of the day. Sunday was better and Sunday evening I had a good talk with my husband about everything that’s been going on. On Wednesday after I attempted to make my appointments, I made the comment to him that maybe I’m a bit bipolar and he said “oh I don’t think it’s that bad, unless you just hide it well” to which I replied, “oh I hide it REALLY well from you”. He didn’t know what to think about  that! The truth is, I hide a lot of my issues from him but I decided to stop doing that – I need him to understand what’s going on with me and the only way he can do that is if I lay it all out for him. So Sunday evening, I gave him the highlight reel of my issues and tried to explain to him that yeah, it must be hard living with me, but can he imagine what it’s like to actually BE me? He was very understanding and knows how important it is to me that I figure out exactly what the heck is going on. Of course as far as my weight issues, he thinks I just need to eat less and figure out a way to move more through out the day. Bless his little inexperienced heart! If he only knew how NOT simple it is to do that. He’ll get there though, eventually. We spent a lot of time together this weekend and it was really good to just be open with him. I feel confident that he is going to help me as much as he is able, even if it just to support what I’m doing.

So that’s where I am today – feeling better and ready to find some answers. I’ll let you all know when I get my therapy appointment scheduled and where I’ll go from there.



Update: as soon as I posted this, the counseling place called. I have an appointment on Dec 6th. Big sigh of relief to have it scheduled.