No Weigh!

Happy Election Day! Now get out there and VOTE! Kyra said this about voting:

Our system has problems and isn’t perfect, and we feel that one vote doesn’t matter – but it does. You matter. Go out and matter today.

(emphasis mine)

YOU. MATTER. Remember that.


And now on to our regularly scheduled blog post.

I’m still scale-free! I haven’t weighed myself, although I’ve been tempted plenty of times. I’m curious to see if my weight has gone down, but also not curious at all because I know my body well enough to know what I weigh just by how I feel. Do you all do that too? Or is your weight a complete surprise when you get on the scale? Anyway, if I were to weigh myself now, and I was down a couple of pounds, I know exactly how it would play out: I would be happy that I’m making progress, and then I would get cocky and relax my efforts just ever so slightly, and then I would end up gaining a couple of pounds by next week. (I think I just figured out why I always bounce around between the same 3-5 pounds!)

By staying off the scale, I’m focusing more on how I feel. And right now I feel good – I’m eating well, sleeping GREAT (thank you Time Change!), and exercising regularly. If I were to jump on the scale, all the focus would be on the number, and frankly at this point in my progress there’s not a realistic number on there that I would be happy seeing, so I’ma just stay off for now. You know, I never used to think I was a slave to the scale – I always thought I was pretty neutral about it, but it turns out I wasn’t neutral at all. That number governed all my efforts, my mood, my choices – I let that number have a lot more control over me than I even realized. So staying off is a good thing for me right now.

You know that saying “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten”? Well staying off the scale is just one way that I’m trying to do things differently, so I’ll get a different result. Right now my gauge is my stomach. I can see it getting just a teeny bit less pudgy every few days. I hope soon that I can use a belt or a pair of jeans as my gauge, and no I don’t think I want to use a tape measure because that’s just another number for me to get hung up on, ya know? So right now, I’m just eye-ballin’ it and I’m perfectly fine with that.

I’m actually having fun with my no-scale experiment, and as I said a few days ago, my plan is to weigh myself in January which is only about 8 weeks away. Piece of cake, baby! (Mmmm…cake.) 😉

9 thoughts on “No Weigh!

  1. My reason for continuing to weigh myself every day is that I feel that if I don’t I will be creating a huge build up for when I do weigh in. It’s been a whole month/a week/three days since I weighed myself so I must have lost a LOT, right? Then huge disapointment if I don’t. Everyday, I don’t expect so much so I don’t get freaked out if it’s up a little or down a little because that is just daily fluctuations that don’t mean anything …

  2. “then I would get cocky and relax my efforts just ever so slightly,” OH! OH! That’s me!

    “January which is only about 8 weeks away” — Gasp! :p (my bday is 1-5, and, well, … sigh)

  3. I just edited that first sentence to say what I originally meant it to say, which is “I HAVEN’T weighed myself.” I’m usually a pretty good proofreader, but I missed that one. sheesh.

  4. You know, I had that scale in the bathroom ever since the middle of my W.W. experience, so that’s about 7 years. And I made myself put it in the closet last month when I did the hunger game. That was hard! But then, I weighed myself after the month was done, my weight was 2 pounds difference (that could be the balance of the scale even) and it put me in a very negative spiral. The scale is back in the closet indefinitely! I know exactly when I am gaining and losing a pound or two. And if I ever start to lose regularly again, I will know that too. No more bad moods OR celebrating just because of that darn scale. Well, you said it better than me.

  5. Eff the scale. My QOL is SO much better without the drama/negative feedback of it. I haven’t used one in years, except during my pregnancy, when they forced me (and I totally noticed myself getting caught up in the #s – more proof that I shouldn’t be using one). Sooo freeing to be without one.

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