Hey! Why do I go so long between posts? I don’t know why either. But here I am today!

First of all, I am a little sad today. Yesterday on our way to church we passed by a horrible car accident. It was only a couple of miles from my house and as we drove by, just from seeing the condition of the SUV and all the debris scattered everywhere I knew possibility of surviving that crash was slim. I came to find out later that it was an SUV that was driven by a young man (26 yrs old) who was seriously speeding. He was flying down a hill, lost control and swerved into a ditch that flipped the vehicle and rolled several times. The man was thrown from the SUV and was killed. We were running a few minutes late for church yesterday and I can’t help thinking that if we had been on time, we might have been right there when it happened. It’s possible that we could have been involved in the accident, it’s also possible that one of my neighbors who left for church around the same time we did could have also been involved. I can’t help thinking though too, if we had been there, could we somehow have prevented it? If we hadn’t been running late, could we have been there at the right time to keep him from dying? The whole thing has me feeling very introspective and shaken up today. I can’t stop thinking about it.  😦


In less serious news, I survived Halloween. This was my FB status update Wednesday morning:

So I’m just gonna say it: I’m going to eat candy tonight. I’m going to eat a lot of candy. I’m going to steal as much candy from my kids as I can and I’m going to eat it. And I will enjoy every bite. Then tomorrow I will curse the day Milton S. Hershey was born unto this earth and I will restart my diet. But tonight… tonight I will eat candy and I will love it.

Then this was my status update on Thursday:

So, interesting turn of events last night: I’m sitting there with 4 pounds of Halloween candy in front of me and I’m ready to dive in when I realize, I really didn’t want any of it. I had a few pieces and that was it. Sort of anti-climactic, really.

Believe me, I’m just as surprised as anybody. I fully intended to have my own little chocolate feast, but then when the time came, I just wasn’t really into it at all. So that’s progress, right?


Can I just give a shout out to the end of Daylight Saving Time? I love “Falling Back”. I got so much sleep this weekend it’s not even funny. Springing Forward always jacks with my system for days, but Falling Back? We are tight. We love each other and are thinking of going public with our love. Plans to marry are in the works. It’s that serious.

Keeping it short and sweet today so I can come back tomorrow and talk at you some more. Yes I fully intend to post more this week so be ready for some riveting drivel. Is that an oxymoron? Riveting Drivel? Sounds like the name of some punk band, don’t you think? Yes folks, this is what happens when Jill gets some sleep:  goofiness abounds.