It’s one of those mornings that looks cold outside (gray, autumn leaves blowing in the wind), but actually it’s a balmy 70 degrees. In my office however, it’s a very chilly 71 degrees (I need a scientist to explain that to me, how can it be one degree warmer her inside, but feel like it’s ten degrees colder – how does that happen Science? Huh? HOW?).


Anyway, it’s one of those days looks cold and dreary, and so of course I’m drinking coffee and listening to Adele cry about how she’ll find someone like me some day, and it all just feels so morose, I almost feel like I should be writing a novel in my cable knit sweater while smoking my cigar and trying to find a plot line hidden somewhere beyond the window pane. It just feels like one of those days.

It’s days like this that send me here with the intention to write about how I’m ditching my scale in favor of focusing on my behaviors, but instead I find myself thinking “Really? There are children in Haiti who are fighting for their safety and their next meal, and I’m sitting here on my over-fed arse worrying about how I can NOT eat so much at my next meal. Really???”

Sometimes I can’t ignore that there is a whole world out there that I know nothing about. I live in my rural-suburban bubble and completely take for granted all the blessings I have been given. Sometimes I wish I could get out of my own head. Sometimes I come to my blog and I babble incoherently about things that I cannot really wrap my brain around.


I should know better than to blog when I’m overly tired. We had a fast trip to Memphis while the kids were on Fall Break for a family reunion and I haven’t slept well since before we left – I still don’t feel rested up. That’s a big reason for my gloomy state of mind today, I’m sure.

Anyway, for today, I will write what I know and what I know is, I eat too much. I eat too much often enough that now I am in the position of trying to do damage control and reverse the trend of weight gain.  In my attempts at reversal, here are some things that I have noticed lately:

  • Staying away from the scale allows me to see the bigger picture. When I weigh myself every day, I tend to focus solely on that number, ignoring all the other benefits that come along with eating better when the scale doesn’t budge. I don’t want to think about that number for awhile. I want to think about feeling better, having more energy, feeling stronger.
  • I usually eat the bulk of my calories in the afternoon and evening. I’m trying to reverse this by eating more for breakfast and lunch and having a substantial mini meal in the mid-afternoon.
  • Nine seems to be my magic number when drinking water – 9 cups of water makes me feel hydrated and refreshed.
  • Too much sugar makes me feel icky. A little is okay, but I need to be aware of crossing the line (hello Halloween candy).
  • It’s not food that’s the problem, it’s my behaviors around food that has gotten me in trouble. I will work on modifying those behaviors so they work in my favor.

These are the things I’m going to focus on for the remainder of this year. My goal is to try to lose 5 pounds by the new year. Key word here is TRY. I’m not going to deprive myself of holiday treats, but I’m not going to abandon all reason either, and I think having a small goal to shoot for will be enough to keep me from going off the rails. In January I’ll weigh myself (or maybe I won’t – I might be so in love with not weighing I might continue to stay off the scale and use a pair of jeans as my gauge instead. I’m unpredictable like that.), and then I’ll see what I need to tighten up on and what I can do to get to my goal size.

What I need from YOU is some more ideas on lunches and mid-afternoon meals – I can eat the same things for about a week before I get bored and started treading dangerous waters again. I need NEW! EXCITING! FOODS! that are healthy, easy to pack, and inexpensive (I don’t ask for much, do I?!).  Also, I’m curious about how you all handle the holiday food extravaganza that is known here in the US as the Trifecta of Diet Doom. Do you say to heck with it and resume your healthy living plan in January or do you white knuckle it through the holidays? Or are you completely zen about the whole thing and go on your merry way, not changing a thing? (If so, I want to be you when I grow up.)