What worked last week

Hey guys! How was your weekend?

I had what felt like a pretty successful week last week and decided I should jot down what I did so I can come back and reference it and maybe recreate it for this week. Also it might help someone else out there who is struggling, so here’s my helping hand:

  • Six small meals per day – instead of 3 big meals and a snack, I switched to 6 smaller meals and I really felt satisfied all day. Some of my meals included things like an apple with peanut butter, almonds with a banana, yogurt and fruit, a turkey burger on a sandwich thin, shaved ham/slice of cheese on a wasa cracker, or a protein bar. For dinners, I just ate a smaller portion of what we would normally eat, and really by dinner time I wasn’t ravenous like usual, just mildly hungry so I felt like I didn’t need as much anyway.
  • Water – still guzzling!
  • Wore my snug-fitting jeans. Wearing form-fitting jeans helps me remember that I can’t gorge myself because then my pants would be too tight. The waist on these is not tight – they don’t cut into me, so I’m not torturing myself wearing these jeans, and no they are not tight in the seat, I’m not walking around with a wedgie all the time, but they are just snug enough that it keeps me conscious of my goal (eating reasonable portions) at all times. Loose pants = I eat more. It’s science. Look it up. (okay don’t because I don’t know if it’s science or not. I just said that.)
  • I only weighed myself once. Normally I weigh myself every day and while I thought the numbers game didn’t play with head, apparently it really does. By not weighing myself every day, I was free to focus on how I felt – not how I should feel due to xxx number on the scale. For example, in the past if the number was up, I would try to eat very little or I would shame myself into not eating what I really wanted. If the number was down, I gave myself permission to indulge “just a little”. It was really liberating to not worry about all that – I just ate whatever sounded good to me from my little collection of healthy foods, and plus it was kind of a nice surprise when I finally did weigh myself on Saturday (I was down a little bit – woot!).

Those are the things that stood out to me the most last week. Of course I’m going to try and keep it going this week and hope I have a successful weigh in on Saturday, so we’ll see.

Talk at ya later!

6 thoughts on “What worked last week

  1. That is an awesome formula. And I’ve heard it working for others. My hurdle (one of many, and they are also known as excuses) is planning the little meals — at least enough to have them on hand.

  2. Love the jeans thing – I do that, too. And of course I’m all about no weighing; glad you had such a great week and I appreciate that you’re sharing with the class. Also, now I want a turkey burger. 🙂

  3. That was a really good week. I’m also into the ‘no scale zone.’ I can tell if I’m gaining or losing even a little weight. No need to have my mood altered by a glass platform.

  4. It is great you had a good week and when you have a good week it inspires you to continue. The eating more frequently, but with smaller portions is a definite winner and weighing yourself less takes the daily pressure off, so keep to once a week.

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