In no particular order:

  1. My hair. It’s like a sad little blanket that just sits on my head. Void of purpose. Void of style.
  2. My mom jeans. I pulled them out of the closet this morning after a summer of skirts and capris. And now I remember why I put them in the back of the closet: UGLY.
  3. An unexpected family event when I thought I had Sunday free. No free days for me, now I get to go spend the day with relatives that I hardly know, all because I want to be a good daughter.
  4. My car is so freaking dirty right now. I wish I was the kind of person who cleaned her car regularly. Next time I see a shooting star, that will be my wish.
  5. Slow internet at work. I get irrationally angry when I have to wait an extra 4 seconds for the computer to catch up to my fingers.
  6. My double chin. It’s more pronounced lately for some reason. Nice.
  7. When I’m on my treadmill jamming to my tunes and my arm gets tangled in the cord and my earbuds get violently ripped out of my ears. Man, I hate that.
  8. Perimenopause
  9. Nikki Minaj
  10. Not being able to think of a tenth thing that bugs me.

Riveting, no? To make up for today’s grumpy post, come back tomorrow for FIFTEEN things I love right now! Yep, you get an extra 5 good things for enduring this post. Because I love you, that’s why.