ten things that are bugging me lately

In no particular order:

  1. My hair. It’s like a sad little blanket that just sits on my head. Void of purpose. Void of style.
  2. My mom jeans. I pulled them out of the closet this morning after a summer of skirts and capris. And now I remember why I put them in the back of the closet: UGLY.
  3. An unexpected family event when I thought I had Sunday free. No free days for me, now I get to go spend the day with relatives that I hardly know, all because I want to be a good daughter.
  4. My car is so freaking dirty right now. I wish I was the kind of person who cleaned her car regularly. Next time I see a shooting star, that will be my wish.
  5. Slow internet at work. I get irrationally angry when I have to wait an extra 4 seconds for the computer to catch up to my fingers.
  6. My double chin. It’s more pronounced lately for some reason. Nice.
  7. When I’m on my treadmill jamming to my tunes and my arm gets tangled in the cord and my earbuds get violently ripped out of my ears. Man, I hate that.
  8. Perimenopause
  9. Nikki Minaj
  10. Not being able to think of a tenth thing that bugs me.

Riveting, no? To make up for today’s grumpy post, come back tomorrow for FIFTEEN things I love right now! Yep, you get an extra 5 good things for enduring this post. Because I love you, that’s why.

7 thoughts on “ten things that are bugging me lately

  1. 1. LOLOLOL. You’re describing my hair, right? I try to make a game of seeing how long I can go without a haircut (“I’m growing it out”) and then one morning I get up and see what you described.

    4. That’s what I need to wish for on the next shooting star! Guess who’s going to be outside a long time tonight…

    5. That’s irrational???

    6. Double is the least of my chin problems.

    9, ?

    1. Nikki Minaj is a really bad pop singer. She’s just ridiculous and I feel rage anytime I see her picture. Although she does have one song that we dance to in Zumba and it’s really fun. But otherwise I wish she would go away.

  2. Mom jeans. Just once, I’d love for Stacy and Clinton to go shopping with me and find me a pair of jeans that fit without screaming MOM. I don’t think even THEY could do that.

    Ugh to the hair – I have one great day, and then too many in a row where I think I should just chop mine off. What is up with that? At least I’m not alone – you, me and Debby can start a support group.

    And yeah, the perimenopause thing is a bunch of crap. Let’s just get this OVER WITH, already!!!

  3. I had to look up Nikki, had absolutely no idea. . .

    I never schedule my hair cuts for set intervals, I get up one day and call for an emergency appt.

    Someone suggested looking at the length of the jeans zipper to determine if they are mom jeans. I think it actually works.

  4. Waiting for the 15 things you love post… LOL

    1) I dare you to go do something wild!!! I have ideas, BTW…
    2) Mine too. Need to go shopping. Also, why are they called mom-jeans if they don’t show your butt when you move or sit. I think that’s unfair.
    3) Wine?
    4) Me too. And my house.
    5) I know! SOOO annoying!
    6) Weird, me too…
    7) I loop it through my sportsbra multiple times, so the cord is actually against me. No more tearing out! You have to do more than one loop, otherwise the cord moves with your body. But seriously,I’ve been doing this for 10 years. Totally works.
    8) I bet!
    9) ZOMG, me too. What is WRONG with her?!?!
    10) The post office… because they should be on everyone’s hate list. 😉

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