It has been suggested that I need to start blogging more than once in a blue moon, so here  I am. Life has been pretty busy lately, but I never think people will be interested in what’s going on in my life. “Why would they care what’s going in with my day to day stuff”, I think to myself, but the thing is, I care about what’s going on with you guys, so maybe you are interested in my life too? I don’t know, but this is my blog, so what the heck else am I going to write about? Right?

Since school started mid-August, I have been on the go nearly every day of the week. Band practice, cheer practice, Girl Scouts…my kiddos are pretty busy  and guess who gets to drive them to all of these activities? Weekends are just as busy as weekdays too – I think the only day we don’t have something going on is Monday (thank goodness, because Monday is hard enough as it is).  Each child does just one activity, but with 3 kids, that still adds up to a packed week for me. My husband helps out when he can – usually he stays home and cooks dinner which is a WIN for all involved because I am not what one would call “a good cook”.

For some reason, this week has seemed especially tough. Lots of little things adding up here and there resulted in a mini-meltdown on Wednesday, but a refocus of priorities (and the words of a very good friend) pulled me out of the funk. I also have been really tired this week – not sure why, the weather change maybe? Does the changing of the seasons affect anyone else like that? And I’ll be honest, I started counting calories again, and that never ends well for me. Counting calories ALWAYS sends me into crazy-obsessive-foodland, yet I tend to forget that. I’m going to say right now: I will never count calories ever again ever because I know it messes with my mental health. Lord, let this be the last time I have to learn this lesson and not forget it.

As far as exercise, I’m still doing a bootcamp-type workout with my neighbor twice a week, but that’s all I’m doing. I cannot seem to make myself get up and workout if someone is not in my driveway waiting for me. I think really I just don’t want to get up and get on the treadmill – since I’ve stopped running (darn hip issue!) there’s just no challenge in it for me anymore. I would much rather walk outside, but it’s super dark and super scary at 5:30 in the morning, so I won’t do that. I figure my last option is to workout with a dvd in the mornings, which I kind of hate, but if that’s what it takes, so be it. If I remember correctly, I think I went through this last fall as well. I would look it up in my archives, but I’m short on time this morning  (I should really be working right now).  I would love to take a yoga class, but the only time I could do it would be on Monday nights – my only free night. Do I really want to add in another thing to my week, even if it is a good thing??? I don’t know, I’m just sort of pondering these things right now.

The good thing is that all of these activities should cease after October. Kids’ activities will start to slow down, but then I’ll be gearing up for the holidays, but that won’t be an every day thing.

I would love to post about all the little things that are bothering me right now, but I just don’t have time. Maybe I’ll save that for next week, or hopefully, all those little things will be a non-issue by next week and I’ll only have happysuperfun things to post about. Or I might be posting about how I’m out of a job if I don’t get some work done, so I better close this up for now.

Have a great weekend – see ya next week! 🙂