Drink it up,Buttercup!

I drink water. As in, I don’t drink tea, or pop, or anything else really. Sometimes I’ll have some milk with breakfast, but other than that I am water* 24/7, 365. I could say that I do it for health reasons, but honestly it’s because I’m lazy. I mean, it’s just so much easier to fill a huge bottle of water a couple of times a day than it is to get a glass, fill it with ice, pour in the tea/pop…I have things to do, people! I don’t have time to schlep around chasing after glasses and ice cubes! If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll add splash of orange or apple juice to it just to give it a little flavor. Pro-tip: apple juice splashed in water automatically feels like Autumn. You’re welcome.

Even though I always have water on hand, I don’t always drink enough of it to garner any health benefits. Sipping on a 16oz bottle of water for 4 hours ain’t gonna cut it, folks, so this week I’ve been trying something new: guzzling.

Here’s how it works: at least 4 times a day, I take a 16oz  bottle of water and I chug that sucker like a frat boy with a beer on Friday night. It’s probably not lady-like but you know what? I don’t care, I gotta get hydrated! It only takes a few minutes to drink 16oz of water and I feel better knowing I’ve done at least that little thing for my health. When (if) I work out in the morning, I chug it then. At my mid-morning meal, I chug another 16 oz. At lunch, I chug some more. At my midafternoon meal, another 16oz. That alone is 64 oz which equals the recommended 8 glasses a day, I figure anything over that is a bonus. When I get home and have dinner in the evenings, I try to drink another 16oz, but sometimes it’s only 8 and that’s okay with me.

Yes, I run to the bathroom 167 times a day, but that just gives me an excuse to get up from my desk, so really it’s a win-win for me. I’ve been doing this chug-a-lug thing for 4 days and I’ve already lost 1.5 pounds of bloat – my rings fit looser and I even tightened up my belt by one notch – that tells me that I was retaining A LOT of water.

So if you need to increase your water intake stop sipping on it  like you are some kind of princess and starting guzzling that water like the athlete you are!! Do it!! You will feel hydrated and your body will thank you.

*I forgot to mention, I do still drink my beloved coffee everyday between breakfast and my mid-morning meal. I will never ever ever EVER give up my coffee. Ever.

10 thoughts on “Drink it up,Buttercup!

  1. what a great idea. I have not been drinking enough water. I drink 4 or 5 8 oz cups of green tea a day at work, and I drink about 8 oz in the morning and another 8 oz at night, but it’s still not enough. I’m chugging my liter now as I type! Thanks for the tip, girlie

  2. I’m like you – water and coffee…sometimes iced tea when it’s not too much trouble. I like the idea of slamming some water down – BAM! Makes it more entertaining!

  3. Very interesting!

    I read an article many years ago talking about the fact that the only way for fat to leave the body was to be flushed out by water. As in it does not evaporate, it must be flushed and water is the only thing to do it.

    I too tend to chug a few times a day. I am a water only girl. Mine is partially health and also to avoid bathroom urgency. If I drink anything other than water it impacts my bladder. One cup of tea and my bathroom trips increase and are more emergency in nature. Even if it is herbal/no caffeine, it impacts me, no idea why. Ditto with pop or juice. Have never tried coffee, can’t stand the smell, let alone taste. My mother and aunts and grandparents all thought this was very strange as they used to be big coffee drinkers.

    Another blogger posted this a while back and I thought you might like to see it:


  4. Good reminder. I tend to be a chugger too. Cause its hard for me to start drinking water, every day. So I finally just chug a glass, and then my thirst button is turned on, and I have no problem drinking the rest of the day!

  5. Yep, my wedding ring is always an indication if I am not drinking enough. At the end of the day I make sure to twist it around. I do great during work drinking water, but its the weekends that suck ass. Well, that and I usually prefer wine over water on the weekends! 😀

  6. Great tip! I recently just started using http://www.fullbar.com to help shed some of my unwanted weight and the nice part about this program is that you drink a 16oz glass of water about and hour before lunch and dinner along with your bar! So I have already started my chugging and within in a week I felt a major difference in the way my clothes were fitting!

  7. LOL new trend: “guzzling”!!! I am a bit the same, I never get my daily dosage from sipping so I try to do a quick gulp session every hour. To avoid boredom, I add some cucumber, lemon or lime in from time to time. I find that way, it stays interesting and I drink even more.

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