I forgot to add a title, so here ya go.

So um…how’s it going? I realize it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted and I just wanted to stop by and say that everything is fine and I’m still around. I just don’t have much to say that I haven’t already said about losing weight (see “archives of the last five years”). It seems like anything I could say, I have already said, so why say anything at all? Fact is, I’m pretty bored with everything right now and that just does not make for interesting blog fodder, so I thought I would spare you. But to make it up to you, here is a picture of a baby wolf howling:

Look at that cute lil baby wolf butt! I love him.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve changed my twitter name to The Sassy Pear (@jillith71) and my insightful, witty tweets can be found on my sidebar. I’m secure enough in my womanhood to be okay with the fact that I only have 32 followers. I’ve never really touted my blog on Twitter or asked people to follow me, and honestly I don’t care if you follow me or not. But there is some riveting stuff over there, folks. I mean, I’d hate for you to miss out on my brilliance because you’re too hipster to follow anyone. I’m totally kidding, there’s no brilliance on Twitter.  However, I really would like to find more people to follow, so if there’s someone I should be following, lemme know.

Um…okay, that’s all I got. Seriously I’ve sat here for 15 minutes and I can’t think of anything else to tell you, so I’ll wrap this baby up for now. I’ll try to come up with something interesting to talk about soon. I hope.


2 thoughts on “I forgot to add a title, so here ya go.

  1. Baby wolf is so cute. I don’t tweet. I signed up a while ago and right away this complete stranger started to follow me. Creeped me out so I quit before I even started. I hear the Twitter is a big deal though. 🙂

    Glad you posted!

  2. LOL. Just glad to hear from you, and thank you for the baby wolf fix.

    I get you on not having anything new to say. I feel like that 90% of the time now.

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