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5 years

Five years ago today, I anxiously hit “publish” on my very first post for this blog. I can’t even begin to tell you what this blog has done for me and how it has helped me find my voice. Five years ago, I had very low self esteem, no confidence in my abilities, and very few friends (being home all day with little ones will sometimes do that to you). After a few months of posting, I realized that I had a place in the world and I had something to say. I started this blog because I kept leaving super long comments on other folk’s blogs and decided maybe it would be better to post my own thoughts on my own blog. After a time, I found confidence in that people actually liked my writing and enjoyed my rambly thoughts. But I think the biggest thing this blog has given me is friends.  I have no shame in saying that some of my very best friends are people I’ve never even met. Seriously, I hold you guys as close to my heart as I do my face-to-face friends. I have shared things with you that not even my husband knows, and I’m perfectly fine with that.  You have lifted me up, talked me off the ledge, made me laugh, and yes, even made me cry happy (and sometimes not-so-happy) tears.

You are amazing. All of you together and each one of you separately. Don’t ever for one minute forget how valuable you are to me.

Thanks for hanging in there with me these last five years.