Sometimes writing a blog post feels like needing to change the sheets on the bed: it’s not difficult, it doesn’t take much time, but dangit it just feels like the biggest chore in the world!  I’ve intended to post several times, but always get sidetracked or interrupted or I just plain don’t wanna. But I promised myself that I would post today, so here I am.


I haven’t posted anything because honestly, I just can’t think of anything to write about. So instead of a pithy, well written post, I’m just going to pretend that we are friends who haven’t seen each other in a while and catch up over coffee.


*Tangent*: waaay back in the day (like in the mid to late 90s) when chat rooms were all the rage, I went into a chat room because my husband was out of town, it was late, and I was bored. And no, it wasn’t one of those chat rooms, it was just for women only. It might have been called the Pathetically Lonely Mom’s room or something like that. Just kidding, I think  it was called Mom’s Cafe or something to do with sitting around drinking coffee and chatting.  ANYWAY, it was my first time there and the moderator was acting like we were really drinking coffee. She asked where I was from and then she offered me a cup of coffee and asked if I take cream and sugar. She handed me a coffee cup and then she made a coffee sipping emoticon face (don’t ask me to recreate it – I have no idea how she did it) and made the *sip* sound. Then she asked me a bunch of other chit chat questions, how’s the weather there, etc., and then asked if I wanted a refill on my virtual coffee. It was weird. It was like we were virtually drinking coffee at her house. Weird. *End Tangent*


So anyway, how’s things?    *sip*

Café (Photo credit: leandro_marco)

I kill myself with my own humor sometimes. Heehee!


Anyway, I’m chugging along. I’m doing a couple of things with friends that are working out nicely so far. I have a friend that I’m doing sort of weight loss challenge with. It’s not really a challenge, it’s more of us against the weight, not us against each other. I’m really enjoying that and have lost a couple pounds so far. Slow and steady, right?!  So that takes care of the food side of weight loss, and on the exercise side (try saying “exercise side”, it’s weird) my neighbor T, who used to teach Boot Camp, asked me if I would like to work out with her in our own private Boot Camp. She had a baby 6 months ago and is trying to get back in shape, so I said “Sure!!”, so 2 days a week we meet in the wee dark hour of 5:30am and do a half hour of boot camp exercises. It’s fun, it’s efficient, and we get some good giggle time while trying to do wall sits against the garage door. Oh, and I don’t whine, which is a big deal for me regarding Boot Camp. The closest I’ve come to whining is a breathless “that was tough!” after a series of burpees, and let’s face it, saying ‘that was tough’ after burpees is an understatement. When I’m not Sucking It Up, Buttercup, I’m on the treadmill trying to increase my mileage and speed, which sounds a lot more impressive than what I’m really doing. By mileage, I mean I’m trying to run 3 miles without stopping – I’m up to 1.25 miles non stop, which is pretty pathetic when you consider that I’ve been running since November of last year. Also, sometimes I think I’m running too slow. I think I don’t push myself enough and so I just sort of stay at the same pace. I’m not looking for lightning fast speeds here folks, I just want to run a respectable 12 minute mile. Right now I’m more like a 14 minute mile, and I think I can do better than that. There are a few 5ks that I would like to run in October, but it might be hard due to my kids activity schedules, so I don’t know if that is going to work out or not. I’ll probably have to register at the last minute if I think I can run them. Guess I’ll cross that bridge later.


In case you were wondering, I made more granola. I’m officially addicted. Speaking of granola, have you all tried Australian style yogurt? The grocery store was out of Fage, so I tried the Wallaby yogurt, thinking (hoping) it was sort of the same as greek yogurt. I was wrong. So very, very wrong. It was…I don’t know…salty? Yes, I think it just tasted really salty. And it was runny, not thick and creamy like greek yogurt. I had to put extra granola in it just make it palatable, but I won’t be buying Australian yogurt again. Sorry Aussies, I love you, just not your yogurt.


Here’s a fun tip: if you say Good Eye Might, it sounds like you are saying G’day Mate in an Australian accent!


Yes, these are the hard hitting facts you come to expect from The Pear. Hey, it’s free, so there ya go.