It must mean something!

You guys!  I was reading this comic and at the same time, the song Working for the Weekend came on the radio. 



Categories: fitness


  1. Yes, but who wants to be at work on a Saturday?!? ;-D (ps Welcome back, Jill!)

  2. I don’t know what it means, but it sure made me smile.

  3. I mean, really what are the odds that exact song would come on the radio at the exact moment I was reading those words??? One in a bajilion? I’ma go buy me a lottery ticket!

  4. I think when you make every day Saturday, you are retired! 😉

  5. I love it when little synchronicities like this happen. I’m sure I’m insane, but I take these kinds of events as a little whisper from the universe. You’re either on the right track, or you’re being shown the way you need to go, depending on the context. Follow your star.

  6. Totally a sign. Saturdays rock! Sundays are just not that good with the Mondays looming ’round the corner.

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