Every Saturday during the summer, there is a farmers market in my town that starts at 7am and goes until sellout. I’ve always wanted to go and procure some fresh produce and just be all farmers-markety for awhile, but it seems I either a) sleep in and forget, or b) have something else that has to be done. I was looking for other farmers markets in my area when I came across a local food co-op where you order once a month from an online list and it gets delivered the third Thursday of the month. Imagine my shock and awe when I noticed the pick up site for my area is only a couple of miles from my house!! Yeehaw!!

I perused the site for the better part of the day, imagining all the wonderful local, organic, grass-fed, free range, handmade goodies I could get. I seriously thought so much about it that I DREAMED about it that night as well. The next morning, I filled out the member app and paid my (one time) fee and then I click, click, clicked away! I ordered a boatload of stuff – everything from chicken thighs to onions to handmade soap. It will be delivered to my pick up site on the 21st. I’m so excited! I mean really, it’s weird how excited I am about this.  I dreamed about it for Pete’s sake!! Of course buying organic is a little bit pricier but I think I’ll get more health-bang for my buck plus everything offered is made in Oklahoma – I like supporting my local farmers. Of course I have imaginings that my family will fall in love with the local fare and I will miraculously lose 50 pounds and we will become an eco-friendly, tree-hugging, granola-crunching family. The reality will probably be more like this: my kids will hate it, my husband will be unimpressed and I’ll gain another 10 pounds from eating the delicious oatmeal cinnamon swirl bread. Oh well, as long as my local farmers stay happy, I guess that’s good enough.  🙂

And thus concludes the food co-op fangirl portion of our blog post.

I did a zumbathon on Saturday that I was going to tell you about, but that deserves a post all its own.  It was an experience.

Anyone else have any experience with a food co-op? Is a CSA the same thing? Anyone else ever dream about organic fare?