The Difference a Day Makes

Wednesday was a horrible, no good, very bad day for me.  Just one of those days that is a disaster from the get-go – oh nothing serious, mind you, but a day filled with irks and irritations galore.  And although I’ve made some good progress with my emotional eating, on this day I threw all my knowledge out the window and dove headfirst into a binge. I totaled up my calories for the day and came in around 2200, which is not horrible and it’s much less than I had anticipated, but as I sat in the recliner rubbing my bloated belly like Homer Simpson, I felt defeated. It was definitely a low point.


On Thursday, I rocked it like a hurricane. I kicked Wednesday in the teeth by re-reading all my BED materials and making a plan to eat healthy all day long. I ate oatmeal and salad and apples and chicken during the day and a small portion of spaghetti before Zumba class last night (anyone else carbo-load before Zumba?). I totaled up my calories* and came in around 1100 calories for the day. Not once all day did I feel hungry or deprived. I felt great last night and my Zumba-high lasted until about a half hour before bedtime.

Now normally after a day like Wednesday (anyone else mentally say “Wed-nes-day” when they are typing out that word?) it would take me several days to get my act together, but I was determined NOT to let one bad day turn into a bad week and a half. Although I have a little muscle soreness from the groove-fest that is Zumba, I feel really great this morning, mentally and physically. So lesson learned here is, just because you have a bad day doesn’t mean you don’t have a good day in you somewhere. Oh it’s there, you just gotta dig it out.

OH!!! Oh! Oh! Oh!!!!!   I almost forgot…I finally broke through to 184.4 this morning and I’ve lost several inches all over! I’ve been bouncing around between 185-188 for so long that I was starting to think my scale was broken. And while my weight loss isn’t huge, my inches lost are getting pretty impressive, so I know things are happening with my body even if the scale is a little late to the party.  *insert happy dance here*

AND! And! And! And! I felt actual muscle in my thigh last night!! After I got home from Zumba, I for some reason rubbed my leg and was shocked that it was somewhat firm. I made Shawn touch it and of course he just looked at me like I was crazy, but I was excited. I guess all that running is actually doing something!  *let’s all happy dance again, shall we?*

Have a great Memorial Weekend and don’t forget to remember all those brave veterans who fought so hard so we can happy dance in a free country.  🙂

*I don’t typically count my calories, but I was curious. I don’t plan on doing it all the time because it typically brings out the crazy in me. But it’s okay if it’s in the name of science. 

9 thoughts on “The Difference a Day Makes

  1. Yay for turning it around! I also mentally say wed-nes-day when I’m typing it, because hello, there’s a freaking D hiding out in it! Who thought that up, anyway? Some sadistic third grade teacher, I’m sure of it (I’ll get those kiddies! HA!)

    I have Zumba for my Wii, but I also have a propensity of falling over. I’ve crashed into the wall more than once. *sigh*

  2. I had to laugh at the “Wed-nes-day” thing. I do that, too! Congratulations on getting your diet back on track so fast after the bad day and on breaking through to a lower weight. I’m just getting started. Reading your blog is helping me start doing what I need to do.

  3. Wenzday, isn’t it? Yes, I do the same thing. Skye, 6, had that on a spelling test I helped him prepare for and I broke it down for him: wed nes day. I get that look from him, and I say, “I know, I know…”

    Love your “oh, oh, oh,” and “and, and, and.”

    Bad days make the good days so much better. 🙂

  4. Great post! I agree with the point you made about being excited of the inches you’re losing! One thing I’ve found to be extremely helpful and useful as a supplement to my current diet/exercise plan is Fullbar ( Their gummies and bars help curve my hunger, help me with portion control and keep me from consuming more calories than I really need.

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