An Ode to Friday

Oh Friday, how I love you. You are the end, yet you are also the beginning. The spring in my step, the way my fingers fly across my keyboard, the hopeful glint in my eye…it’s all because of you, Friday. You are the light at the end of a long, long tunnel, and the promise of good things to come. You are so full of potential and hope – is there any other day quite like you Friday? I think not. You are special to me.

You know what I love most about you? I don’t have to set my alarm when I go to bed. It’s such a small thing but it brings me so much delight. It’s the little things in life that make us truly happy, right? Thank you Friday, for that one small treasure.

Thank you also for being pizza and movie night. Or backyard campfire night. Or mama’s night out on the town. It doesn’t matter what the activity is, because the feeling is always like letting out a nice long sigh…”aaaahhhhhh”. Yes, Friday, you rock the casbah in so many ways.

So I salute you, dear Friday. I applaud you for being the day that everyone loves. You have my undying devotion.

I love you.

13 thoughts on “An Ode to Friday

  1. LOL My son and I were just talking about Fridays, and how they’re so much better with the week before them, and that he misses how much more awesome Friday and Saturday are when he is on break.

    I love Fridays too, but my heart belongs to Saturday!

    1. Oh don’t even get me started on Saturday. The love I have for Saturday makes Friday look like chopped liver. It runs that deep.

    1. Nobody “needs” to hear me sing. It would make babies cry and old ladies curse. Only my steering wheel appreciates my singing. But hey – I’d pay to see YOU sing that song! 😉

  2. LOLOL. I guess you ARE having a good TGIF to answer my own question. And man, Friday has made you EXTRA funny in the comments!

  3. Friday is my weigh-in day at WW — which can be good or dissapointing — but the great thing about that is that the slate is clean and I am onto a fresh start with a new week. All eating mistakes behind me.

  4. {Is it my imagination, or are there a couple of recent posts missing? (Journaling, and 2503?)} I’m late to the party. I hope everything is okay.

    1. I started a post about journaling but didn’t finish it and put it in my drafts – I think I accidentally hit publish first though. 2503 I have no idea what that is?!? I’ve got several posts in my drafts – I guess I need to finish one and publish it!!

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