Good morning!

I hope you all are having a good week. The ovulation/appetite wave seems to have finally passed and I’m eating normally again, thank goodness. I’m glad I thought to look that up otherwise I would have been bashing my sweet self for eating way too much for 2 days, which really does nobody any good, amiright?

Something I’ve been meaning to mention is that I’m on Daily Mile, so if you are on DM also and want to be my friend, you can find me at I have sort of taken the off from running this week, so I don’t have a lot of activity to show for this week. Sometimes the healthiest thing you can do for your body is SLEEP and I’ve been trying to do more of that this week. I feel better, so I think I made the right decision. I’ll get back on the treadmill starting Monday. Pinky swear.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about some online programs I was doing in relation to binge eating disorder. As I said before, I haven’t been diagnosed with BED and I don’t know if that’s really even what I have, but I am finding the treatment for it very helpful. I wanted to wait until I went through each program before I let you all know what they were in case they didn’t work out. I’m happy to report that I was please with both programs and am now ready to share them with you.

The first program I went through is at  Chrissy Cee has created a 12 day program to help you get started with your weight loss, and she has also come out with an ebook as well.  This program uses a lot of confidence-building techniques – in the 12 day program, you get a video and a worksheet every day for 12 days that gives you a lesson to complete for that day – it’s short and sweet and doesn’t take a lot of time, but it keeps you on track for almost 2 weeks, which is what I really liked. The ebook has you write a few sentences every day for 30 days – also quite effective.  The 12 day program is $40 (with a 30day money back guarantee), plus you get several bonuses, and the ebook is just $7.  I printed out all the materials and put them in a binder and found it really helpful to look through the binder every day to help me stay on track.

The second course I took (and just finished yesterday) can be found at and you can find the specific ebook here. The ebook is $24 plus you get an audio workshop and workbook that complements the ebook. The author of the site and the ebook is Stefanie Nielsen and her site is loaded with information on how to tackle binge eating plus she has a ton of Youtube videos where she does a Q & A once a week. I think I would characterize her method of fighting binge eating as “brain training”.  Haven’t we all said at one time or another that weight loss is such a mental thing, so doesn’t it make sense to start with the mind? I’ll probably do a whole post about this later because I really feel enlightened by this process.

I really enjoyed both programs and feel that I learned something from each one. I think either one of them is a great starting point in this journey and definitely put me in the right direction. I felt that they were both affordable considering what you have to pay for private counseling these days, and it was definitely worth my time and money. I am starting to realize some things about myself that I thought I could not control, I absolutely can  control and turn around. Like I said, I’ll probably do whole ‘nother post about this soon (oooooh the suspense!!).

In other news, I was contacted by Everyday Health and asked if I would feature one of their videos from their Youtube channel. When EH mentioned that the video featured Joy Bauer (not to be confuse with the acerbic Joy Behar), a top nutritional expert I was more than happy to say yes. I’ve read some of Joy Bauers books and I really like her sensible and practical approach to healthy eating. The Everyday Health/Joy Bauer videos are called What the Heck Are You Eating? and a new one runs every Wednesday at 1pm EST. The latest video is called Give Me Some Sugar:

Isn’t Joy cute? There are 4 other videos in this series right now and they are all very entertaining and informative. The Everyday Health youtube channel has lots of videos, but I’ve only had the chance to check out the WTHAYE segments. If I have some down time this weekend, I’m going to check out the other stuff as well.

One last thing – you might have noticed the ads on my post. Through the magic of technology, there’s a chance I can make a little money having these ads on my site, and since I’ve been writing this blog for nearly 5 years I don’t think it’s a bad thing to earn a little revenue from it. I apologize if the ads bug you, but I wanted to try it and see how it works out.

Sheesh!!  That’s a lot of info to cram into one post!! I wanted to give you something to do while you leisurely enjoy your weekend, so really everything I do, I do it for you. Because I’m a giver that way.  😉

Have a great weekend!