I’ve been doing really well with my BED courses and feeling good about my progress, until yesterday. I woke up feeling puffy and bloated and hungry. I felt unusually hungry at lunchtime, eating more than I typically do which resulted in having less to eat for my afternoon snack. By the time I left work I was really hungry and still had to run some errands so by the time I got home I was ravenous. I won’t go into detail about how much I ate but trust me, it wasn’t pretty.

This morning I got up and got in a half-hearted run and it was all I could do to make breakfast and eat it ASAP. Then when I got to work, I STILL wanted to eat more. For the last couple of weeks or so, I really haven’t had these urges to eat so much. And then it dawned on me…a quick check of monthlyinfo.com confirmed my suspicion – I’m ovulating. I wondered if there is a correlation between ovulation and increased appetite so I did a quick Google search which returned several hits. Most of the hits I got were forum threads which asked the very same question I had, and the positive answers were plenty.

AHA!! It wasn’t just my imagination!  I’ll admit that I did not find one definitive study on this, but then again my Google search lasted all of 15 minutes, so there might actually be a study proving that appetite increases during ovulation, I just did not happen to stumble upon it. I’m relieved though to have found other women who have experienced this increase in appetite – it makes me feel more normal and less anxious about it.

So what say you all? Has anyone else experienced this? Do you all keep track of your cycles online?