Insatiable cow or ovulating female?

I’ve been doing really well with my BED courses and feeling good about my progress, until yesterday. I woke up feeling puffy and bloated and hungry. I felt unusually hungry at lunchtime, eating more than I typically do which resulted in having less to eat for my afternoon snack. By the time I left work I was really hungry and still had to run some errands so by the time I got home I was ravenous. I won’t go into detail about how much I ate but trust me, it wasn’t pretty.

This morning I got up and got in a half-hearted run and it was all I could do to make breakfast and eat it ASAP. Then when I got to work, I STILL wanted to eat more. For the last couple of weeks or so, I really haven’t had these urges to eat so much. And then it dawned on me…a quick check of confirmed my suspicion – I’m ovulating. I wondered if there is a correlation between ovulation and increased appetite so I did a quick Google search which returned several hits. Most of the hits I got were forum threads which asked the very same question I had, and the positive answers were plenty.

AHA!! It wasn’t just my imagination!  I’ll admit that I did not find one definitive study on this, but then again my Google search lasted all of 15 minutes, so there might actually be a study proving that appetite increases during ovulation, I just did not happen to stumble upon it. I’m relieved though to have found other women who have experienced this increase in appetite – it makes me feel more normal and less anxious about it.

So what say you all? Has anyone else experienced this? Do you all keep track of your cycles online?

28 thoughts on “Insatiable cow or ovulating female?

  1. Are you stinking kidding me? When I am ovulating, if something looks like it was ever edible at any time during the past 24 months, I eat it. It is so bad. I eat things that I don’t even like. Yesterday it was goldfish — ick. I bet I ate 1200 calories of lasagna for dinner. It’s not a pretty picture. You are not alone.

  2. I experience this as well ~ I don’t crave the food during my period, but instead when I’m ovulating! And man will I eat it ~ if it is in front of me, hidden in the back of the cupboard, or for sale in any store, I’ll eat it if I can!

    I track my period with the Fertility Friend iPhone app. It was definitely an eye opener to correlate the food cravings with the cycle!

  3. Every month I ask myself, “What is wrong with you?” after I eat things that typically don’t phase me.

    I printed out the summary from some info a friend gave me.
    I forget to look at it until after my weird behavior, then I see, “Week 3, Ovulation, Cravings,” and realize that’s why I’m the “insatiable cow.”

    I’m glad you looked more into it and saw that we’re not alone and that it’s real. I wonder what menopause is going to do to us. I’m scared. Except, I wonder if it will be better because we won’t be ovulating anymore. But then our metabolism slows waaayyy down. (sigh)


    1. Hullow! I am 53 and still ovulating except during winter… : !
      I think I hibernate. And I am RAVENOUS when I ovulate and then again before a period.truck loads of chromium helps, as well as magnesium. And iron (separately) especially before a period., all helps. But still the hunger can surprise me. Zinc and evening primrose old capsules are goodfir PMS.
      I’m not a doctor, blah blah blah… Hope this helps… : )

  4. I get days like that too but never thought about it much. But if I remember correctly, it’s more often day two of my period. Hmm. I’ll have to pay more attention.

  5. Yes, I sleep longer and definitely eat more when ovulating. A LOT more! (I just ate three bowls of cereal in the middle of the afternoon) Its the bodys preparation to get ready for a pregnancy – building up the supplies so to speak. : ) Its a good idea to take a magnesium supplement….it helps a bit, but do not let yourself go hungry.

  6. For the past couple days or so, I’ve been so hungry all the time. Ravenous. It feels like my body has been burning off everything I’ve eaten extremely fast. But I kinda feel bloated at the same time. I’m thinking of going back on a low-carb diet for a couple weeks to lose the water weight and to lose a few pounds. Plus, the extra protein and fiber from vegetables is a lot more satisfying!

  7. I’m so happy to hear that I’m not alone. I’m ovulating and TTC so it’s both the hunger of ovulation and well, anxiety I guess (I know I know not helpful). Love and light lovely ladies!!

  8. I eat like a ravenous, wild, captured animal that has been locked in a cage for a week with no food. It is ridiculous. I am out of control. I’m far more of a PIG during ovulation than right before or during period.

  9. Glad I stumbled on this thread. I am TTC and just got a positive ovulation prediction test reading today followed by ovulation pains. And it’s like I just can’t get enough food. I track both my food intake and my cycle with apps lol and yes there is definitely a correlation!

  10. I stumbled on your blog searching the exact same thing! Last night I went a bit crazy – dinner, a third of a tub of ice cream, half of hubby’s dinner (graciously offered up when he saw the wild glint in my eyes), and more dessert after that. There’s no point trying to stick to the ol’ diet during O-week!! I’m glad I’m not the only one – makes me feel a bit more normal as I raid the cupboards like some starved wild animal….

    1. It’s crazy, isn’t it?! I get a lot of hits from search engines leading to my blog for that question, so I know there’s a whole bunch of us who deal with the same thing. It’s funny how knowing we are not alone in this is comforting!! 🙂

  11. I’m also glad i’m not alone. I get extremely hungry before ovulation day. Between period and ovulation everyday im more and more hungry, one day before O i’m just crazy from hunger, i want to cry, nothing can fill me. But in the day of ovulation i don’t want to eat anymore.

  12. YAY I’M NOT ALONE! Oh my gosh. Every month I think “what in the world is wrong with you?!! you don’t NEED 3+ bowls of cereal!!” RAVENOUS. UGH, so annoying. It’s different from pre-period cravings too…it’s urgent and it’s like turning into a bottomless pit. I would like to know some supplements that might help with this. So strange that you haven’t found any studies on this either – I have looked too!

    1. I replied a bIt earlier about supplements, especially chromium. But it takes truckoads of the stuff! But I still get hungry like you described so well. Its urgent. Relentless. Ugh.. I think: how can one person put that much away? Then a little while later, its like I haven’t eaten a thing and I’m hungry AGAIN!!!

      Oh, and I’m 53… Its still happening. Inr day I’ll get the hang if it! No pain with periods though… Magnesium, magnesium, .magnesium.

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