I went to the dermatologist today because I’ve had something that looked like a butterfly rash on my face and a rash on my forehead for the last year or so. If you know anything about butterfly rashes, you know they are often linked to the auto-immune disease Lupus. Yeah, scary stuff. But thankfully my Dr doesn’t think I have a butterfly rash, instead she thinks it is rosacea, so we are treating it as such with a topical cream and SUNSCREEN. Yes, she scolded me for not wearing sunscreen every day since I already have a lot of sun damage on my face (ah, the carefree days of youth!) and now I have some samples of facial sunscreen that I get to try out. And also…well, there’s this embarrassing story about the real reason I went to the Derm…I had this mole appear on my back right in the middle and it was getting somewhat bigger (I could feel it, but I couldn’t really see it, obviously) and of course my wild imagination immediately went to MELANOMA!!! So the Doc checks me out and says all my moles look normal – she wasn’t concerned about any of them. I asked her to look at the offending mole on my back and she said “Oh that? That’s a blackhead.”


“Yep. It’s a blackhead. No big deal.” So apparently I’ve had this…this…THING growing on me for a month now and all it was was an oil slick where my sports bra rubs my upper back. Niiiice. The nurse could tell I was super embarrassed about it so she said “would you like me to remove that for you?” I said “YES PLEASE!” a little too loudly and then she took some sharp pointy stick thing (technical term) and got it out. Then she proceeded to tell me that she has one too…on her butt. I laughed out loud (Lol’d, if you will) when she described how she couldn’t reach it and it was really a pain in the butt to her! I love it when people try to make you feel better by being more disgusting than you!  God bless that nurse.

I go back for a follow up in six weeks to see if this treatment is working and I hope to GOD I don’t have any more mutant blackheads to report. I might not be able to handle the embarrassment.