Why I think I’m going through menopause

I was a week late for my Lady Time. I am never late. Ever.

My tata’s are tender even though Lady Time ended a week ago.

I’m weepy as sh*t.

I’ve got a crazy mad Peeps craving.

My husband didn’t kiss me good night one night and so naturally I think he’s having an affair with a 28 year old Victoria’s Secret model.

I ate 5 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls yesterday.

My middle is expanding like Homer Simpson’s beer belly.

I’ve got a crazy mad chocolate bunny craving. 

I have been alternately sad/mad for many, many days now.

I’m 41. I think I’m a little young, but eh, whatever. 

And before you even say it, no I’m not pregnant. The husband got snipped after #3 was born (and yes, I know that sometimes it grows back or whatever. Shut up). So that leaves menopause or crazy. Flip a coin because really, it could be either one at this point. 

17 thoughts on “Why I think I’m going through menopause

  1. My husband thinks I am in peri-menopause too (I’m 41 also). I still have periods at regular intervals — I’m on the pill — but they are extremely irregular in themselves; from heavy to almost non-existant. I’ve had some night sweats. I’m a lot moodier at PMS time than I ever was before, and randomly depressed at other times. I don’t know if this is peri-menopause or not, I don’t know if there is a definitive way to know. I think we just have to wait and see.

  2. You know, it could be Spring Fever, and a reaction to how bizarre the weather patterns and everything have been too. Because I’ve had a lot of the same going on. Also, it can just be stress.

    (Peeps? really? Not chocolate? Because that’s the most disturbing part of the post! 😉 )

    1. Look a little further down the list – CRAZY MAD CHOCOLATE BUNNY CRAVING. Never fear – the chocolate craving is ALWAYS there. 🙂

  3. More likely perimenopause– sleep disturbances, the weight goes on waaaaaay too easily, hairs sprouting on the chin, night sweats…fun stuff huh.

    This too shall end.

  4. Aw, Jill. I’m sorry. I like your pretty pink blog background.

    I’ve had a mad peeps craving before, during, and after menopause.

  5. We’ve entered the perimenopausal zone. It should be a ride at the amusement park, don’tchya think?

    I’ve been starting sooner and sooner, and it lasts longer and longer. 5 days early this time, two weeks long. That leaves me week and a half of free time. :/

    My mom brought a package of peeps over for the grandkids the other day. I hid them out of site to, you know, “protect” the kids from all of that sugar. 😉

  6. I wouldn’t worry to much. Maybe you ate something bad, or it’s solar flares or a water vein (no, I don’t actually believe in stuff like this). Who knows.

  7. I have just found your blog and I am laughing hysterically! I love your humor. I am just getting to the point that I can smile at my disordered self.. (I’m not quite at laughing yet, but hope to be there one day). 😉

    1. Oh honey – laughing at disordered self has kept me from being certifiably insane!! If I didn’t find some humor in all of it, I’d spontaneously combust from the anxiety!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  8. I am speaking for myself only, but did want to give you information.

    I thought I was menopausal through my late 30’s and my early 40’s. my youngest was born when I was 37. I thought I went from new mom to menopause within a few years. Sleep problems, terrible night sweats, tender breasts, emotions, cravings, etc.

    I did need a D&C and had an ablation (2008) because of crazy weird periods, but it wasn’t menopause related.

    I take something to help me get to sleep and stay asleep. So it was an issue, it just wasn’t menopause related.

    Most of my symptoms were the quality of the food (it was nonfood) related and my lack of exercise and my excess weight.

    All those symptoms (nightsweats, etc) went away when I changed things around.

    I would have SWORN all through my early 40’s I was menopausal. I am now 51 and am still not menopausal.

  9. Oh Jill. I totally get you. But I have secret hocus pocus pills that help me. They are NOT hormones. Check this out.


    Crazy, I know, but they keep me from being homicidal which my family very much appreciates.

    1. I had a friend who was on the brink of divorce (papers being drawn up and everything) when his wife started taking this and it SAVED THEIR MARRIAGE. True story. I will definitely have to look into this.

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