Hey guys!

So the Birthday 5k* is on Saturday and I’m excited and nervous. I’m going to pick up my race packet tomorrow and then I think I’ll be all set. Except for this:

See Saturday? See what it says?????

There’s a nice little chance of rain on Saturday which really pisses me off to no end. I mean seriously Mother Nature? You’re really gonna do this to me?

I have a long sporty rain jacket I can wear that I think will be okay for running, but is there anything else I should think about? Anything that I might not realize I need? I would love love love your suggestions on how to run in the rain.

Also, I am really struggling on the food front. I don’t feel like I am eating too much but the scale bounces around between the same 3 pounds and I would love to get things moving downward. I’m running 3 days a week and strength training with the WiiFit 2 days a week – I thought that might get things moving, but so far I haven’t seen any progress.  I’m very seriously thinking of joining Weight Watchers just for the weekly accountability. And since I hate counting points/calories, I thought I might try the Simply Filling plan they have, but really I know nothing about it – anyone out there have any experience with it? I’ve also considered finding a nutritionist in the area, but I have no idea how much that would cost and honestly, I don’t want to shell out big bucks right now for that. I’ll figure something out, hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

Gotta run – lots of work to do today. Have a great day!

*not the real name of the 5k, but since it is on my birthday, I took the liberty of changing the name – because it’s my birthday and I can do whatever I want (except lose weight, apparently).