Mother Nature has it out for me

Hey guys!

So the Birthday 5k* is on Saturday and I’m excited and nervous. I’m going to pick up my race packet tomorrow and then I think I’ll be all set. Except for this:

See Saturday? See what it says?????

There’s a nice little chance of rain on Saturday which really pisses me off to no end. I mean seriously Mother Nature? You’re really gonna do this to me?

I have a long sporty rain jacket I can wear that I think will be okay for running, but is there anything else I should think about? Anything that I might not realize I need? I would love love love your suggestions on how to run in the rain.

Also, I am really struggling on the food front. I don’t feel like I am eating too much but the scale bounces around between the same 3 pounds and I would love to get things moving downward. I’m running 3 days a week and strength training with the WiiFit 2 days a week – I thought that might get things moving, but so far I haven’t seen any progress.  I’m very seriously thinking of joining Weight Watchers just for the weekly accountability. And since I hate counting points/calories, I thought I might try the Simply Filling plan they have, but really I know nothing about it – anyone out there have any experience with it? I’ve also considered finding a nutritionist in the area, but I have no idea how much that would cost and honestly, I don’t want to shell out big bucks right now for that. I’ll figure something out, hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

Gotta run – lots of work to do today. Have a great day!

*not the real name of the 5k, but since it is on my birthday, I took the liberty of changing the name – because it’s my birthday and I can do whatever I want (except lose weight, apparently).


14 thoughts on “Mother Nature has it out for me

  1. Running in the rain – watch out for chaffing!!!! Seriously. Everything blisters and rubs in the rain. You’ll be great though! Rain is much better than wind. During wind, you can’t breath!

    Also, i’d double think the jacket. Really, you dress in layers, and pull them off as needed. yeah. you’ll get wet, but you’ll be sweaty anyway, and everyone will smell better than on a hot humid day! 😉

  2. Aloha Sassy!
    Yay race day is almost here! I can’t offer much help with running in the rain but I cant keep quiet about your 3 pounds you bounce around while looking for the weight (fat) loss to continue 🙂
    Before you join a group that is great at group support and portions but may not have the most up to date nutrition information Please Please Please don’t spend a dime and go to your local library, borrow a copy of “Why We Get Fat” by Gary Taubes. It’s a quick read (it is actually the short layman version of his epic research published in “Good Calories, Bad Calories”.
    You are such a doll you need to be armed with the facts of how we get fat and what we can do about it!
    Even if you had no “weight” to lose this is an excellent read because as I see all the time many are skinny fat!
    Wishing you great success Saturday rain or shine!
    Aloha, Gina

  3. Here’s hoping that weather forecast is wrong…but just in case, wearing a brimmed running hat will help with keeping the rain off of your face and glasses. A bit, anyway. And yeah, unless it’s really going to be cold, you’ll end up sweating with a rain jacket on. Body Glide your feet really well, and bring a change of clothes/shoes/socks for after. And what the heck – it’s just water…make it fun!

  4. Since January 23, I have lost 10lbs and one pants size. This is after a long time of playing w/ those 3-5lbs! Ugh!
    The difference this time is that I am lifting heavy weights. And by heavy, I mean 20lbs in each hand for squats–and I need to move up from that!!! I think if you really want to change your body, you have to really work hard and lift heavy weights. I’ve been doing Chalean Extreme, but if you belong to a gym, this workout has the same principles:
    I also do c25k workouts 4 days a week, and 2 other days of cardio, because I’m in love with cardio. =)

    I also agree w/ the above poster about great nutrition. I started w/ Deep Nutrition by Catherine Shanahan, and really learned a lot. I started making all our bread and we eat a lot fewer processed foods. I also gave up Diet Coke & that made a huge difference for me. The first 5lbs just fell off. I have also capped off my calories at 1500 per day. Period. No exceptions. Tomorrow is MY birthday and I will have to figure out how to fit any cake and treats into my 1500 allowance.

    I hope you can find what works for you!

  5. An umbrella? LOL, that’s what I use when I’m walking.

    Happy happy birthday! I’ll be excited to hear the race report.

  6. Running in rain advice…um…no.
    Weight loss advice…um…no, again.

    By any chance are you on “Week 4” where we retain water?

    But, a wonderful day is approaching and there’s much to celebrate, rain or shine!

      1. I’m so glad I just finished lunch, otherwise I’d be laughing coconut soup out of my nose. “SpongeJill Bloaty Pants!” Ha!

        Mother Nature really does have it out for you.

        (I’m at week 4, too, and week 1 is knocking on the door– ugh)

  7. I am a Leader for Weight Watchers and would love to help you. Email me and I can tell you
    all about our wonderful Simply Filling!! Have a great day!!!

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