Hey folks, how’s your Thursday?

It’s almost the end of February and it feels like New Year’s Day was a hundred days ago. So how are those resolutions holding up? If you find yourself floundering, I’ve got some great links to help you get remotivated on  your healthy living journey. Some of these are things I have found on my own, others are sites that have been brought to my attention by the entrepreneurs who started them, but I think they are all worthy of a look.

Links for Healthy Eating:

Thin Dish – I was contacted by Stan of Thin Dish site and because he expressed sincere appreciation of the  Peaches & Herb video I posted a few days ago (did you watch the video? DID YOU? I didn’t think so), I decided to take a look at his site. It is a very helpful resource for dining out.  If you know you are going to be going to a restaurant, you just plug in the place or select a few filter options, hit enter, and you will get a list of healthy-ish options from the restaurants in your area.  All of their recommendations are 600 calories or less – and while that might seem like a lot of calories, if you think about how many calories are usually in restaurant food, 600 is not so bad. Anyway, go check it out and send Stan some good 70s vibes.

Calorie Count – Calorie Count has revamped their calorie counting program to include rewards for logging in your foods and/or exercise. You get points for meeting certain goals and while the rewards aren’t all that great, it’s a fun way to track your calories. I have redeemed points for Peeled Snacks (dried fruit – very yummy) and for Rail Riders (I got a cool technical shirt for very little money). They are adding new rewards quite often, so hopefully the rewards will get better with fewer restrictions.

Made To Crave – I read Made to Crave last year and I really enjoyed the book. It’s described as being the book that helps you find your “want-to” instead of a how-to book. But just this year, author Lisa Terkherst partnered with Dr. Ski Chilton to come up with an Action Plan, or a how-to book to go along with the Made to Crave want-to book. I haven’t read the Action Plan book, but if you need a place to start, I think this would be a good resource, especially if you are a person of faith.

Links for Physical Health:

Ease Into 5k for Kindle – Heaven knows I love my Kindle, and if I hadn’t already made it through Couch to 5k, I would have ordered this. I haven’t used this, but I might actually order it just because. Actually, if you go to the Amazon Kindle site, there are lots of programs like this: one for abs, one for yoga, one for legs and most of them are very reasonably priced.

Health Rally –  this is an interesting site. Let’s say you want to do Couch to 5k, but you need some motivation…you can set up a page stating your goals, then decide on a reward that you would like to earn, then you can tell all of your family and friends about your desired goal and they can pledge money to help keep you motivated. If you reach your goal, you collect your money and go buy yourself the reward. Now, my main concern with this is that I don’t like asking people for money, BUT what if you set this up for your birthday? I know my family is always asking me what I want for my bday – wouldn’t it be nice to say “hey just go here and you can chip in to buy me some new running shoes!” That way, you get what you want, and your family knows that they are giving you something you could really use. Another way to use this site is to set it up for a friend – have a friend who is trying to quit smoking? Then  you can support and motivate your friend (or spouse, or child, or sibling) by setting up a page for them – and rewarding them for their perseverance.  You can also set up the page to contribute to a charity of your choice – it’s really adjustable to your preferences. Go check it out!

Another Mother Runner – I’ve just recently discovered this blog and I love it. If you are a runner or want to be a runner, this is a great  place to find motivation and support. Their book, Run Like a Mother is on my wish list, and it’s one of those things I will probably buy for myself for my birthday.

Links for Mental Health:

First Ourselves – I’ve talked about Karly and her site a lot here at the Pear, and I will continue to talk about her as long as she keeps working. Her work on body image and eating issues has helped me tremendously over the last few years. I’m still a work in progress, but I’ve come a long way thanks to this site.

Shrink Yourself – I did an online course 4 years ago on this site and it was the first step toward healing for me. It was in this course that I first realized that there were reasons that I overate – and I realized that I wasn’t an impulsive fat cow. This work opened my eyes to the connection between my mental and physical health.

Slim Down U – another blog that I just recently discovered. Jaki has lost a lot of weight, but the real greatness to her story is that she did it by being kind to herself. Her blog oozes positivity and it always brings a smile to my face every time I read it. She is proof that changing your mindset can change your life.

Well that should be enough to keep you busy for awhile. Have you discovered a great site lately that you think should be on this list? Let me know in the comments and I’ll try and add it here. Spring is upon us and now is a great time to get re-motivated and ready for summer! So get to clickin’ and have fun!