A weenie run

I think I like my MWF running schedule better than my T TH Sa schedule – for some reason the former just feels more natural. Anyway, I got up a little late this morning so I had to cram in a run and in my barely-awake state, I decided to try running in my old (we’re talking Methuselah here) running shoes. Folks, don’t ever let me make me decisions before I’m fully caffeinated. I could tell right away it was a bad idea, but instead of stopping and finding my other running shoes, I decided to just run a little and walk a little more on the treadmill this morning. I walked for 3 minutes and ran for 5 minutes for a total of 30 minutes. It was okay, not great. It felt a little light compared to what I’ve been doing (hence the title of this post). Tomorrow is strength-training day, and hopefully Thursday will be a better run. I’m still setting the incline at 1% on my treadmill with the hope it will help prepare me for the real run which happens in…2 weeks. Yikes!!

Any day now, I should get a hefty little bonus from work which I will use to go get for-really-reals running shoes. In fact, I just checked my bank account online and…no extra monies yet. Boo.  So until then I am stuck with trying to run in shoes that I have absolutely no chemistry with. I mean if we were dating, the shoes and I would be secretly chatting with old flames on Facebook by now. It’s just not going to work out. Sorry shoes, it’s not you…well actually it IS you. But don’t worry, we’ll hang out occasionally because you are super cute – and you’re my alma mater’s colors, so there ya go. 

In related news, I’m thinking about getting some running tights and running socks, etc, but instead of paying a hefty price at the running store, I wonder if I could get just-as-good stuff at Target? Anyone have any experience with Tarzhays athletic line? Love it? Hate it? What say you?  Any excuse to go to Tarzhay is okay in my book.

I’m tired today, so I’m going to end this here before I get super goofy and just start typing random words.

Scuba suit!

See? it’s happening already.

Later taters – have a good afternoon!


8 thoughts on “A weenie run

  1. The running tights from Target work just fine for me on anything under 5 miles. 🙂 The socks, not so much, but again that’s me. I’ve tried a LOT of running socks, but the double layer wright socks are the best I have ever found. (http://www.runningwarehouse.com/descpage-WDLRSL.html) Otherwise, even with body glide, I’d get blisters on my arch and other places on long runs (6+ miles. Under 6, I can get away with other running socks. But if I use regular socks I’m in bad shape in anything over 2 miles.)

  2. Agree with Kyra… the type of sock matters for me (specially the areas of cushioning and the blend). For longer runs, I need heel and toe box padding, but of course, each person’s foot is different.

  3. I love Thorlo Experia running socks – they are expensive, but running socks are. I’ve tried several different brands, and these are my go-to socks. Now on the clothes, I liked the C9 brand that Target carries – I have several of their technical shirts, and a jacket. Never tried their tights because I bought some Nike capris and they are STILL good – a friend told me to never throw them in the dryer (really you shouldn’t do that with any of the technical clothing), and they have really held up, almost 3 years later.

    1. Good tip!! I tend to throw everything in the dryer – I’ll have to remember NOT to do that to my running gear. I can’t wait to go to Target now! 🙂

  4. Two posts. I am missing out!

    Anyway, great running expert that I am, I do have one thing that I think worked. One commenter mentioned double layer socks. I found that wearing two pairs of socks–one thin and smooth, next to my feet, and then the other thicker pair over them. It felt so great.

  5. I like runnung because it is good for the whole body. To get prepared for running on a long distances I usually take Navy Seal formula, which quickly brings me up. It is manufactured by MGNutritionals and was developed specially for the Army, but it is good for everyone who needs more energy for active lifestyle.

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