No we don’t live in Teepees and ride horses to work

One of my friends on Facebook posted this and I just wanted to share it  – for those of you who have never been to Oklahoma:

Yep, that’s pretty much it!!

Happy Friday everyone!!  🙂

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  1. I don’t think I realized you were in OK. I grew up in colorado, and I used to have nightmares over the Tornadoes (took years to stop, even after moving to VT)… do you have that, living there?

    • I have lived in Oklahoma for 40+ years and I have never been through a tornado. I mean, I’ve never had to take cover from a nearby tornado – I think I’m an anomaly. I sometimes have dreams that I look out the window and a HUGE HONKING TORNADO is in my back yard, or coming down the street, but no one else seems to be concerned. I freak out a little bit, then I wake up. That’s always fun. :/

  2. I’m from Arizona. When I was 15 and traveled with my mom’s band to Holland, some Dutch teens asked me if I had my own horse. LOL We sort of did — my dad’s ’65 Mustang.

    Funny stuff, Jill!

    • Okay, wait…your mom had a BAND?!? AND your dad had a 65 Mustang???? You must have been the coolest teenager EVER!!!!

      • My mom had a Dixieland Jazz band and sang old jazz songs from the late ’30’s and ’40’s. My dad bought the car when I was born and eventually gave it to me. I was broken-hearted when Danny and I sold it to pay bills after the terrorist attacks of 9-11. The airline industry (Danny’s job) was hit hard. In a way, it was a relief to sell it because it was a money pit, and we were able to get out of debt. I LOVED that car (it was also a convertible).

  3. That IS funny! When I lived in Texas in tornado alley I thought it was funny that the people there were so paranoid of earthquakes.

  4. I laughed at the “where foreigners think I live”… because … well, I am foreign .. and that was pretty much my picture 😀

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