Uncle Sam I am

Through a series of emails back and forth between the Miz and I, I got introduced to Attune Foods and the lovely Annelies offered to send me some Uncle Sam cereal to try. Being the cereal junkie I am, I thought “Yay! Free crack!!” and upon receiving said crack, opened the boxes immediately, and my cereal-addicted kids and I (the family that uses together, stays together!)  proceeded to taste-test all 3 (that’s right THREE!) boxes of Uncle Sam cereal.

I did not take this picture, but this is exactly what was sent to me. Clicking on the pic will take you to the original photo-taker's site.


The kiddos INHALED the Uncle Sam Strawberry cereal. I mean, it was like discovering fire for the first time – they were amazed. I was elated because  OMG THEY ACTUALLY ATE SOMETHING HEALTHY!! They weren’t so enamoured with the Original or the Honey Almond (I think they thought it was too “grown up” for them), but my husband tried the Honey Almond and he really liked it. I liked all 3 of them and even put some in my greek yogurt – awesomesauce is what it was. AND AND AND!!!!! being the thrifty chick I am, how excited was I to find $1 off coupons on each of the boxes?!?!? Woohoo!! I think they carry Uncle Sam cereal at my WalMart, so I’ma get me some more cereal quick-like. If you want to learn more about this crack cereal, then go HERE to the Attune Foods site and check it out. They have a great blog that I’ve been reading lately and it has some handy stuff too.

Here’s my Gary Busey-style self portrait today with my Uncle Sam cereal box (please ignore the crazy look in my eyes – and my chipmunk cheeks. My face is extra puffy today for some reason) :

Sorry for the blurriness. Give me a break - it was 7 o'clock this morning and I'd hadn't had my coffee yet.


So Yay for new cereal!! Double Yay for new cereal that makes you feel good about eating it!!


Dearest FCC: Attune Foods sent me the cereal. I ate it of my own accord. No one forced me. I also wrote the above review of my own accord. We good now? 

3 thoughts on “Uncle Sam I am

  1. I don’t think I have ever seen that cereal before. I admit, I like cereal, but mostly just the ones in the boxes that come with odd characters on the front peddling chocolate and sugar with strange catch-phrases… so I try to only eat it on Saturdays (we call it “Sugar Cereal Day” because it’s the only day the junk cereal is allowed.) I wonder if my daughter wouldn’t like the honey almond though. Hm.

  2. Aloha Sassy!
    Your posts always make me smile..I love your witty self!

    Today I cannot say I am laughing. Boo…your comment “Yay Free Crack” I know was in jest, yet there is a grain (pun intended) of truth to it.
    There is a reason we over consume cereal and other grain products now a days.(No this is not about the dreaded gluten.) The wheat of today is not the wheat my grandmother (or probably my mother -I’m way older than you) used. Genetically it is a different animal and is now causing craving for more.Perhaps that’s why we see wheat in just about everything theses days? While the mass production of the shorter wheat may be good for the yield it has not proven to be good for the consumer…oops!
    I comment only to ask you to see for yourself if this may or may not be true (you seem so willing to experiment!) research and experiment if possible (I know I raised 2 kids 🙂
    I have experienced it with Eating Disorder clients who when they experiment with the wheat (take a break from it altogether) they lose their compulsion to overeat.
    I wish I knew this years ago, so i’m passing on my hard earned findings on the holy grain.
    Fiber you say…we can have all the fiber we need with fruits and vegetables….we actually eat more of them when we are no gorging on wheat products.
    Love you Sassy and your super bog.

  3. Love your morning snap shot.

    What to do? What to do? Gina’s post (that is the 5th person I’ve seen with my name today, and I almost never see it) is something to think about (i.e. Google). But is seems so unpatriotic to not like “Uncle Sam.”

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