Self Portrait #4: What’s in my head vs reality

What I think I look like:

What I really look like:

Wait a minute!! Those 2 pictures look nothing alike – what’s up with that? Because in my head, I look like Tina Fey and I’m also as funny as Tina Fey too. But in reality, not so much.  When I take a picture of myself, I make sure and pose in such a way that makes me look the least fat/old/tired (see my picture in my sidebar? It took like 4 tries before I got a pic I was satisfied with). I’m always so surprised when a picture comes out looking less than Hollywood.  This photo I just snapped and uploaded before I could think about it – and all I can think when I see this pic is “fatfacefatfacefatface!!!” and I seriously thought my hair looked better than this.  Is there a disorder where you think you look better than you really do??? Cause I think I have it.

5 thoughts on “Self Portrait #4: What’s in my head vs reality

  1. Actually, I totally see the resemblance between you two! I don’t think you’re as far off as you’re saying you are.

    I don’t have a celebrity doppelgänger! No fair! (Although, I sometimes count Drew Barrymore, simply because we have the exact same birthday, to the year – so I say to myself “She’s done WHAT by this age?” and then get to feel bad, much like if I had one to compare faces with I think.

    (And you manage an acceptable pic in 4 shots? Sheesh. I’m triple that!)

  2. I totally do that too! And one of my posts on pinterest says “Do it so you never have to worry about what you look like in pictures again.” Now that’s some work out motivation!

  3. {Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement. You are such a sweetheart.}

    I think one of the reasons my own “self-portraits” have been difficult IS because I think I look a certain way. I had no idea my hair was that flat (I’d totally take your hair, btw, in the above shot) or how round my face was…denial. “That’s MY butt?” (sigh)

  4. “Is there a disorder where you think you look better than you really do???” Now THAT is funny. Funnier than Tina Fey. And I have that same disorder LOL.

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