What I think I look like:

What I really look like:

Wait a minute!! Those 2 pictures look nothing alike – what’s up with that? Because in my head, I look like Tina Fey and I’m also as funny as Tina Fey too. But in reality, not so much.  When I take a picture of myself, I make sure and pose in such a way that makes me look the least fat/old/tired (see my picture in my sidebar? It took like 4 tries before I got a pic I was satisfied with). I’m always so surprised when a picture comes out looking less than Hollywood.  This photo I just snapped and uploaded before I could think about it – and all I can think when I see this pic is “fatfacefatfacefatface!!!” and I seriously thought my hair looked better than this.  Is there a disorder where you think you look better than you really do??? Cause I think I have it.