So, my new blog friend Kyra had an idea to take a self portrait every day, which if you are a fabulous photographer and have a fancy photographer skillz and a fancy camera, sounds like a great and artistic thing to do.  But me being me and wanting desperately to fit in the with the cool kids, said “Hey I wanna do that too!!” And why not? I have absolutely zero photography skillz (and yes, you must always end the word “skill” with a z. It gets you more street cred) and a crappy camera phone, so of course I am completely unqualified. But I’ma do it anyway.

So here is today’s Self Portrait of Me (that’s kinda redundant, isn’t it?) – I call this one TGIF:

Working hard? or hardly working? You be the judge.


And if you look closely you’ll see that I even have a sticky note on my monitor to remind myself to take a self portrait today. And you can probably see a whole bunch of other sticky notes on my desk. I LOVE post it notes. I love them like a kid loves candy. Actually I love office supplies of all kind – it’s weird, but I get giddy when I walk into an office supply store – so much potential! New office supplies mean new beginnings to me, I don’t know why. Probably because I go get a new calendar every January from the office supply store. Anyway, so yeah. I like post it notes.

So does anyone else want to join in on the self portrait thing? I’m going to try and do it for all of February, although I can’t promise a post on the weekends. Here’s the link to Kyra’s original post HERE.  I hope you all will join us and if you do – link back to this post or in the comments so we can all check out your photos!!

Have a great weekend everybody!!