A self portrait a day…well for the next few days anyway

So, my new blog friend Kyra had an idea to take a self portrait every day, which if you are a fabulous photographer and have a fancy photographer skillz and a fancy camera, sounds like a great and artistic thing to do.  But me being me and wanting desperately to fit in the with the cool kids, said “Hey I wanna do that too!!” And why not? I have absolutely zero photography skillz (and yes, you must always end the word “skill” with a z. It gets you more street cred) and a crappy camera phone, so of course I am completely unqualified. But I’ma do it anyway.

So here is today’s Self Portrait of Me (that’s kinda redundant, isn’t it?) – I call this one TGIF:

Working hard? or hardly working? You be the judge.


And if you look closely you’ll see that I even have a sticky note on my monitor to remind myself to take a self portrait today. And you can probably see a whole bunch of other sticky notes on my desk. I LOVE post it notes. I love them like a kid loves candy. Actually I love office supplies of all kind – it’s weird, but I get giddy when I walk into an office supply store – so much potential! New office supplies mean new beginnings to me, I don’t know why. Probably because I go get a new calendar every January from the office supply store. Anyway, so yeah. I like post it notes.

So does anyone else want to join in on the self portrait thing? I’m going to try and do it for all of February, although I can’t promise a post on the weekends. Here’s the link to Kyra’s original post HERE.  I hope you all will join us and if you do – link back to this post or in the comments so we can all check out your photos!!

Have a great weekend everybody!!



9 thoughts on “A self portrait a day…well for the next few days anyway

  1. Ha! Love it! (Are you on facebook in there?) I have an addiction to post-its too, but I tend to avoid the yellow. Hot pink, neon green, blind-you blue… I think it all stems back to all that back to school shopping when you had your brand new box of crayons, scissors, glue, and binders (remember trapper-keepers!!) At least, that’s where I think my problem started. Do they have self-help groups for this sort of thing?

    1. I thought of the back to school shopping too!! I loved my school box and I LOVED my trapper keeper (I think mine had rainbows or unicorns or something like that on it)!!

      1. Mine did too, I think. But what I remember most about it is using that trapper keeper to make sun-color thingies. You’d draw on the plastic cover with markers, then squirt elmer’s glue all over it, the color would come up, and when dry you could peel it off, clear, with the color through it – did you ever do that, or am I the only weirdo?

  2. My first reaction was, “Camera? Me? No!” But it’s really deeper than just a picture; I think it could be a learning experience. Am I ready to learn, though?

    Kyra’s post was, oh, so close to home. I felt I could have written it (although not as clearly and well-spoken). Thanks for sharing.

    Nice shoes!

  3. I have a wedge of swiss cheese post it notes that I got at the Halifax Health Expo! Kinda overlarge, but super fun.

    As far as taking photos… maybe I would be able to do it for a couple of days but doubtful after that! 😦

  4. It’s not weird. Office supplies are great! I love them. Ok, it would be more useful if I’d use them productively. I just love them. I don’t even know why.

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