Breakfast…it’s what’s for breakfast

Hey gang!!

Wow, so my last post got a lot of people thinking! I’m so glad that you all reached out and shared your thoughts with me – some left comments, some emailed me privately, but everyone seemed to agree that it touched them in some way or another. I’m still trying to figure out how I can move forward with this in my own life. Just giving it a voice has helped somewhat, but I know there’s more work that I need to do.

Realizing what I lacked in my own childhood has made me aware of where I’m lacking as a parent, and I’m taking steps to correct that. Thinking back, I realized that I don’t remember my mom ever playing with me or asking me how things were going, so a couple of days ago I got down on the floor with my 6 year old and did a puzzle with her simply because she asked me to. I took my middle girl to her favorite froyo place after Girl Scouts one day – just so we could have some one on one time. My 14 year old son and I spent way more time than we should have looking at this on the internet (seriously, it is hilarious) when I should have been doing laundry.  I’m trying to be intentional when I’m with my kids instead of just being in the same room with them – letting them know that I actually like being with them and not just tolerating them. It’s been nice.

I was thinking about times I felt alone as a kid, and surprisingly breakfast was one of those times. On weekdays, breakfast was cold cereal while reading the comics from the daily newspaper (I’m still a cereal junkie and have no desire to give it up – ever) – my dad had already left for work and my mom was getting ready for her job.  And since I thought this was normal (which it might be, who knows?), for the last 15 years I have made no attempt to make a hot breakfast during the week. It’s usually Cheerios or frozen waffles for my bunch. I decided however, that making a hot breakfast for my family is one way I can show them that I care. Now before you think I’m getting all Martha Stewart up in here, let me assure you I’m not making a huge meal every morning – today it was bacon and oatmeal. Yesterday it was pancakes (I have an electric griddle that I can cook multiple pancakes at a time, so it’s really fast), and the day before that it was bacon and scrambled eggs (we like bacon. It’s like the nectar of the gods around here). Nothing fancy or complicated, and half the time one or more of my kids don’t feel like eating breakfast at all, but at least they know I took the time to make sure it was available to them.

And let’s just stop right here and let me say that if you give your kids cold cereal or poptarts for breakfast in the morning – YAY!  Do not for one minute think I am saying that you have to make a hot breakfast for your family to show them that you care.  I’m not talking about YOU, I’m talking about ME. I’m talking about this being one small thing I can do that will make me feel more attached to my family so that I am less attached to food. This is me trying to right one small wrong from my childhood. That’s all this is – so please don’t start feeling all guilty because your kids ate Chex Mix or Oreos for breakfast – that’s not what this is about, okay? Okay. Glad we got that cleared up.

So anyway, yeah, breakfast. I’ve made breakfast every day for the last nine days and my husband could not be more thrilled. Seriously, it’s as if I give him a new fishing rod every morning – he’s practically giddy. The man loves his breakfast foods. So the breakfast thing? It’s an all around winner in the Pear Household.

Anyone else out there a cereal junkie? Am I the only one who can only eat oatmeal once in a while because it kinda makes me gag? Do you cook breakfast for your family every day? Hit me up and lemme know!

25 thoughts on “Breakfast…it’s what’s for breakfast

  1. My mother lives with us and I get up every day and make her breakfast, along with myself. My husband isn’t a breakfast kind of guy (he says it makes him hungry all day). My daughter is a part-time nannie, so she makes breakfast for herself and her oh-so sweet little charge 3x a week, then it’s off to college the other two days. So, I guess we’re a sort of, kind of, a breakfast family.

    Oh, and I eat oatmeal probably 4-5 times a week. Mmmmmm, with a touch of maple syrup (the real stuff) and sliced fruit. It fills me up for most of the morning.

    1. I wish I could love oatmeal, I really do. Like I said, I’ll eat it once in a while, but I just can’t eat it every day like 99% of the blogging world does. 🙂

  2. I don’t cook breakfast much on the weekdays unless you consider reheating leftover pancakes that I made on the weekend. My boys are still little (3 and 1) so they won’t eat oatmeal and we don’t eat cereal around here. Occasionally I will scramble them up some eggs on the weekdays but I reserve the breakfast making for the weekends. I cook a lot throughout the day though.

  3. I only cook breakfast on weekends. We are all on different schedules. My son has cereal and yogurt on his own. Now I’m feeling bad for leaving him in the kitchen while I’m getting ready for work. Maybe I will pack his lunch while he is eating so he won’t be sitting by himself and we could talk a little, though he’s not much of a morning person 🙂 I will usually have a slim fast or something like that in the car.

  4. “… simply because she asked me to…” And someday they will stop asking. I remember being told that. If I keep turning them down, they’ll eventually give up and think Mom’s not interested. Then, when I’m older and not as busy-crazy, they’ll be gone (sniff). So I’m trying to pause important things so I can be with important someones.

    Love the website. I’ve bookmarked it and will use it as a bonding time with my 12 y.o. son. Maybe I’ll get some Mom-points. 🙂 Thanks for the link. Then he can share it with my other kids and gain brother-points (to make up for duct-taping their stuff). LOL

    I do make their breakfasts everyday before school, but it’s the same thing each day, so I’m on automatic mode: scrambled egg with either frosted shredded wheat cereal or toast. Sometimes it’s corn chips with his eggs for my 12 y.o. (who hates cereal) when I’m out of bread. Their lunches aren’t much, so I try to boost their morning.

    Thank you for these great posts!

    1. I remember a friend of mine told me that his mother made sausage biscuits from scratch EVERY SINGLE DAY. That was their standard breakfast. I need more variety than that, but can you imagine how easy peasy that would be?! 🙂

      I’m still cracking up that your son duct-taped her alarm clock to the ceiling!!

      1. Oh, I know. Thomas and his duct tape… Now, he has taken one of each of her shoes and hid them. We’re just waiting for her to discover that.

  5. Me and cereal. I love it but it doesn’t love me. EVERY SINGLE TIME I eat it, I get ravenous in about 2 hours. And you know I don’t like being ravenous. I’ve been having raisin bran about once a week lately. Its okay because I get to eat in 3 hours anyway. I do love cold cereal.

    Man, that’s impressive, you getting up in time to cook breakfast. The smell of bacon in the morning? Heaven. I am no good at cooking bacon, so I just have those real bacon crumbles from Costco that I add to stuff periodically. Which actually makes me want some scrambled eggs-wiil wonders never cease?

      1. I had eggs with those bacon bits and a few veggies! It was pretty satisfying. That’ll do for the next six months.

  6. Breakfast is disjointed here. I workout in the morning, my husband is out the door at 6:20, my kids are getting up between 6:30 (daughter) and 7:30 (son), two different schools, out the door an hour apart from one another… And I admit, I haven’t really through about it. Cereal was my breakfast, or one of those carnation instant whatevers, or nothing. I make sure they eat, I chat with them when I’m there (most of the time), but our sit-down meal is dinner.

    I LOVE cereal too, but I have given it up. I’ve found it’s like Chinese food for me – I’m hungry 30 minutes later (and my blood sugar doesn’t like it.) So, I go for eggwhites and something to do with them like an egg sandwich on lite whole wheat, or an omelet, or with oatmeal (but I struggle with this to), french toast (healthy) etc. We DO make pancakes and stuff on Saturdays (the kids call it “sugar cereal day” because it’s the only day they can pick the junk-cereals), and my daughter tried making bacon pancakes this weekend. I heard they were good, I didn’t actually see any since they ATE THEM ALL! But I’m not bitter…

        1. Ohhhh yeahhhh (she says smiling)
          On a similar note, we LOVE Belgian waffles with scrambled eggs and bacon/sausage ON TOP, syrup and all.
          Once in a blue moon.

            1. I’ll tell you what happens – angels begin to sing, children begin to dance, and rainbows fill the sky. Because only good things can come from bacon and waffles.

  7. Well, showing someone you love them by giving them a certain food sounds… like the root of future problems.

    The BF and I both have got lots of work on our hands, but we try to make sure we have two meals together per day. It is not so much about what we eat, it is more about spending time together eating and talking. In the morning it is cereal for him (plain, with milk) and oats, berries, yogurt and walnuts for me, while he reads the online paper and we talk about the news and our plans for the day. (Usually this takes 10 minutes.) And in the evening we have a warm dinner together, either at the grownup table or in front of the TV, and talk about what happened during the day.

    1. “Well, showing someone you love them by giving them a certain food sounds… like the root of future problems.”


      The point of this post is not about WHAT we eat – it’s letting my kids know that I am plugged into them in the mornings. I’m not letting my kids fend for themselves LIKE I HAD TO WHEN I WAS GROWING UP. THAT was the whole point of my post – not that I fix them pancakes.

  8. I intended to go back and comment on last post because it really struck a chord with me and I wanted to ponder before commenting. Of course, I totally forgot.

    Breakfast has changed for me. Yes, I love cereal and had eaten my own homemade granola for YEARS without tiring of it until I began the 17-day diet right after Thanksgiving and couldn’t have the cereal for the first two cycles. Interestingly, when I returned to the cereal, it had totally lost its taste for me. So my breakfast is much more varied and creative these days. I’m enjoying it immensely and yes, I am an oatmeal lover. I buy it in bulk from an Amish store a couple of hours from my home! I use it in every way, shape and form. LOL!

    BTW, I don’t have kids, but if I did, I’d have a simple hot breakfast every morning for the last minute “together” time more than any other reason. Spouse eats cereal, but we still enjoy the few minutes of together time before rushing off to our respective days.

  9. I’ve never really though about making a hot breakfast but I think I should put a little more effort into making the kids a hot breakfast. We are not fans of oatmeal in this house but we do enjoy the eggs and bacon breakfast and the kids love their cheerios. Now my little ones are 3,2 and 1 so they aren’t all that picky yet. I know you wrote this blog fro you but you made me stop and think about playing with the kids more. We get so wrapped up in day to day life and the dreaded to do list we forget to stop and make memories instead of getting thru the day. Thank you for getting me to remember what’s important, my family.

  10. I’m a cereal junkie in the summer time, when hot oatmeal sound blechy and a cold bowl of granola and milk sounds YUM. Currently, I’m on a greek yogurt kick, and I’ve pounded down loaves of challah throughout my pregnancy – usually a pound a week :-0

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