My refrigerator is in my living room, and other weirdness

I just ate 2 handfuls of Pretzel M&Ms and put extra sugar in my coffee. Why? Because I need a serotonin hit like you would not believe. What started out as “Yay! We’re getting new kitchen floors!!!” has turned into “OMG WHERE ARE THE FREAKING TORTILLA CHIPS? AND WHERE ARE THE FREAKING ORANGES? AND WHY ISN’T THE SALT IN IT’S RIGHTFUL PLACE?????”

Nothing is where it should be. My refrigerator is in the living room, my coffee table has now become my pantry, my microwave and dishwasher are in the laundry room, the trash can is in the garage…do you see why I’m a wee bit edgy???? DO YOU??????

(breathe, Jill, breathe. Count to ten. Eat another M&M.)

It’s very disconcerting when a routine is messed with. Oh, and I don’t think I mentioned that not only are we redoing the kitchen floors, we are also putting tile in the master bathroom shower. What was once a teeny tiny fiberglass insert will hopefully be a little bit bigger tiled shower, but right now it’s just a big gaping hole in the wall. Nice. So really, my whole entire morning routine is all kinds of screwed up.

And let me just take a moment here to say that I completely realize these are first world problems that I’m complaining about. I get that. But I’ma rant just a little bit more because I need to get it out of my system. Thanks for understanding. 

So anyway, my getting-ready-for-work routine is messed up, as is the whole pack-the-kids-lunch, eat breakfast, and get-everyone-out-the-door routine.

I’m not a willow, people. I don’t bend very well under pressure. Instead, I snap like a twig.

This is not me. In fact, this is the opposite of me.

My plan was to get on my treadmill and release some stress through some good old fashioned sweating. But my treadmill is surrounded by boxes of tile and other heavy things, and the garage is not exactly in a state where things can be moved easily, which makes me sad because I really need a little one-on-one time with some loud music and heavy footfalls.

Hopefully, this chaos won’t last more than a week to ten days, tops. Tomorrow, I’m going to try and do some rearranging in the garage so that I can free my treadmill from it’s captors, and maybe try to create a little system so that I’m not walking into 3 different rooms just to make breakfast.

And when I get home tonight, I better see major progress on that kitchen floor or else I’ma cut somebody (cause I’m so gangsta like that – in my own white-suburban-mom way, of course).



11 thoughts on “My refrigerator is in my living room, and other weirdness

  1. EEk!! See, that’s why I just might never have new floors. Or new painted walls. I might concede to letting people work OUTSIDE my house (roof, deck etc.) I like my routines too much!

    The first world problem video was funny.

    Ooh, your shower re-do will be so nice! When I bought this house (that I had been renting for 10 years) they re-did the bathtub, tiled the walls, and made it a shower. I still love it 15 years later!

    Okay. Maybe I will ‘let’ someone put new flooring in.

  2. Great video. Love the phrase.

    Keep the 3-room-to-make-breakfast system, then you won’t need the treadmill! 😉

    Chaos, even for a good reason, is so stressful. I hope the time goes quickly.

  3. My fridge was in my hallway, my pantry was on the ripped out floor in the family room (we ripped out ALL the floors on the first level to start with), and so on. I TOTALLY get it. I think I gained 10 lbs, and I’m still fighting it because we’re not done. If you can get the workout in, it helps. If you ca plan the night before, it helps. If you can go paint your toenails when you’re ready to hurt someone, oddly, this really does help.

    Good luck!!!!!!

    (We need to win lotto so a whole crew can come in and fix everything in one day.)

  4. Yes! You get really get me!!!!! You are not alone, sister. I just told my husband tonight that I have just realized that I do not handle “stuff” very well. I get very, very anxious. And Im quick to jump to ‘worst case’…which in my vivid imagination can be really…really bad. Right now we are dealing with a leaky dishwasher. We *think* the problem has been fixed but I’m having a hard time relaxing about it. Paranoia we come!!

    I bet your new kitchen floors are going to look fab {I’m totally jealous, we’ve been living on cracked tile for eight years now}!!!!

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