My hair stylist is a freaking magician

Le Before:



The After (with new specs, too!):


According to my husband’s reaction, I think my hotness factor went up about 100 points.  😉

Categories: fitness


  1. Love it! Now I want my bangs back! Plus I love the glasses and how they show off your eyes.

  2. Wow!!!!! You look awesome! At least 100 points. Minimum.

  3. You look so great! WOW! So sophiscated! I just love the new look.

  4. I would have to agree with your husband. 😉

  5. You look phenomenal and I love your blog!! Thanks for making me laugh all the time.


  6. Wow!!!! As I saw your “before” I was thinking how cute you are — bouncy, wavy hair, happy face. It’s a great “before.” Then I scrolled down, and the wow-factor kicked in. The cut and specs frame your face so nicely. Is the before pic within the same couple of days? Your face even looks slimmer in the “after.” It’s a gift when a stylist knows how to work with people’s features. Please send him/her my way.

  7. Wowsers! As Gina said, the before looks cute, too, but the new ‘do and frames look super!

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