I googled "ten pounds lost" and this came up. You're welcome.

On Thanksgiving Day last week (or as my international readers like to call it – “Thursday”) I somehow defied the laws of physics and weighed in at 180 pounds.  It was no mistake. I stepped on and off the scale no less than 3 times and the reading was the same each time. Do you know what this means????


Hitting the 10 pound mark is pretty amazing. Not as amazing as hitting a 50 pound mark, but still pretty cool.

Now, it goes without saying (but I’ma say it anyway) that by Monday morning, the scale did not read 180 pounds. I was not, however, freaked out or sad because I figured it was mostly salt and water and the 4 pounds I gained over 4 days would melt away eventually. Today I’m happy to report that the scale once again reads 180 pounds. Whew!! 

So. Turns out this slow and steady gig is a pretty good one. Who knew?!? So for those of you keeping track, that makes 10 pounds in a little over 4 months, or approximately .5 pounds per week for19 weeks. I sat at 182 for about a month, so there’s that. I’m not even going to try and set a goal date or anything like that because that’s like the kiss of weight loss death for me. I’m just going to continue going with the flow until I hit a weight that I can be satisfied with (or for you grammar nazis out there, a weight with which I can be satisfied.)  😉

I’m saying goodbye to the 180s, now on to the 170s!!

How am I doing it? I hate to make it sound so simple, but really it is: eat less, move more.  The specifics are that I’ve been eating a lot more protein lately (nuts make a great snack), eating dinner early in the evening, and eating smaller portions overall.  For a long time, I would eat very little during the day, then when I got home I would “celebrate” with a few hundred calories and then eat a big dinner an hour and a half later. It took my BIF several “are you eating enough during the day?” questions to finally convince me that I wasn’t eating enough while I was at work, and now I’m pretty balanced I think. I try to make lunch a fairly hearty meal, then in the afternoons I’ll have some nuts and a piece of fruit to tide me over. I try to make dinner right away when I get home so I don’t have a lot of time to graze. Eating after dinner hasn’t ever really been a thing for me – like I said, my worst time was right after work. Also I’ve been hitting the treadmill a few times a week too, plus just trying to stay active doing my daily activities. It all adds up!

Now this is what has gotten me ten pounds lighter – my formula might have to (and probably will) change as I lose more weight. But for now it works so I’m sticking with it.

So I conquered Thanksgiving and now all I have to say to Christmas is “BRING IT!