Sometimes a bitch-slap comes in the most unlikely of places

(via Pinterest – the new love of my life)

Um… yeah. I think they are talking to  me. The universe is tired of my complaining and frankly, so am I. Time to take control of the things that I don’t like, and make some changes. 








13 thoughts on “Sometimes a bitch-slap comes in the most unlikely of places

  1. Ain’t that the truth (re poster). I find when I’m busy doing something interesting (like gardening or reading archaeology books) that staying out of the fridge is a whole lot easier, my days go by quickly (sometimes too quickly), I sleep better, and I wake up in a much nicer place than when I”m doing stuff I dislike (like this philosophy course).

    Got anything in mind that you could do that would get you all fired up? Go for it.


    1. The things that get me fired up are things like sewing and knitting! Not exactly calorie-torchers are they? I’m working on finding something though. 🙂

  2. I hear ya, Jilly! I always gripe about how someone in my life never works out or eats right, then complains about the way she looks, and as it turns out, someone else (ME!) is following along nicely in her footsteps in that arena…. UGH. I always say, “If you do nothing about it, you have no right to bitch about it, but if you are working on it, then you can” =). That, and “If something is important enough to you, you’ll make it a priority.” Both of which I apparently need to look in the mirror and say!

    1. Unfortunately, sleep is very important to me, as is getting my azz up and getting on the treadmill!! How to choose?!? Which one should be my priority?!? 🙂 Yesterday sleep was my priority, but I’m happy to say that getting on the treadmill was my priority this morning, so it’s all good (for now).

  3. This comes exactly right. I just got so angry about somebody who is constantly complaining about how awful his life is. I always think – Oh please, I hope I am not like this. It’s ok to complain from time to time (I am right now, aren’t I?), sometimes you have to say it out loud. But there is a point when it’s enough. Especially when the complaining is about things you could change if you tried and when you’re complaining to people who are worse off than oneself.

  4. When I’m in bitch-mode, I try to snap myself out of it by thinking of things I’m grateful for (like the song, “Count Your Blessings”). There’s a lot of snapping going on, btw.

    Hah! This just popped into my head…you know that phrase, “attitude of gratitude?” I’ll add to it, “When you have an itch to bitch, get an attitude of gratitude.” Should I put it on FB? LOL

    I still like that other quote, something like “What if you woke up this morning with only things you thanked God for last night?”

    I have to go snap now.

  5. Sometimes we all need a good quick swift kick in the ass to get us to be honest with ourselves and knock some sense into us. We all need a little tough love once in a while. Change is hard but it is so worth it. Snap out of it!

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