Ten down, a bunch more to go


I googled "ten pounds lost" and this came up. You're welcome.

On Thanksgiving Day last week (or as my international readers like to call it – “Thursday”) I somehow defied the laws of physics and weighed in at 180 pounds.  It was no mistake. I stepped on and off the scale no less than 3 times and the reading was the same each time. Do you know what this means????


Hitting the 10 pound mark is pretty amazing. Not as amazing as hitting a 50 pound mark, but still pretty cool.

Now, it goes without saying (but I’ma say it anyway) that by Monday morning, the scale did not read 180 pounds. I was not, however, freaked out or sad because I figured it was mostly salt and water and the 4 pounds I gained over 4 days would melt away eventually. Today I’m happy to report that the scale once again reads 180 pounds. Whew!! 

So. Turns out this slow and steady gig is a pretty good one. Who knew?!? So for those of you keeping track, that makes 10 pounds in a little over 4 months, or approximately .5 pounds per week for19 weeks. I sat at 182 for about a month, so there’s that. I’m not even going to try and set a goal date or anything like that because that’s like the kiss of weight loss death for me. I’m just going to continue going with the flow until I hit a weight that I can be satisfied with (or for you grammar nazis out there, a weight with which I can be satisfied.)  😉

I’m saying goodbye to the 180s, now on to the 170s!!

How am I doing it? I hate to make it sound so simple, but really it is: eat less, move more.  The specifics are that I’ve been eating a lot more protein lately (nuts make a great snack), eating dinner early in the evening, and eating smaller portions overall.  For a long time, I would eat very little during the day, then when I got home I would “celebrate” with a few hundred calories and then eat a big dinner an hour and a half later. It took my BIF several “are you eating enough during the day?” questions to finally convince me that I wasn’t eating enough while I was at work, and now I’m pretty balanced I think. I try to make lunch a fairly hearty meal, then in the afternoons I’ll have some nuts and a piece of fruit to tide me over. I try to make dinner right away when I get home so I don’t have a lot of time to graze. Eating after dinner hasn’t ever really been a thing for me – like I said, my worst time was right after work. Also I’ve been hitting the treadmill a few times a week too, plus just trying to stay active doing my daily activities. It all adds up!

Now this is what has gotten me ten pounds lighter – my formula might have to (and probably will) change as I lose more weight. But for now it works so I’m sticking with it.

So I conquered Thanksgiving and now all I have to say to Christmas is “BRING IT!



A thankful heart

thanksgiving dinner


Hello Friends!

Is everyone (in the US) ready for Thanksgiving? As far as the food goes, I’m ready. All ingredients have been bought. Turkey is thawing in the fridge. Pies are waiting to be made. As far as the food goes, I’m looking forward to it.

But I am going to admit to you all that I have had a terrible attitude about Thanksgiving lately. Really awful, as in “can’t we just skip it and go eat Chinese food instead?” And the reason is, I won’t be with any of my family for Thanksgiving, only my husband’s parents and one of his sisters will be joining us. They are lovely people, but not what you would call “fun”. Getting together with them is more of an obligatory thing, and requires a deliberate amount of patience. However, in an attempt to adjust my less-than-stellar attitude, I’ve been thinking about what Thanksgiving is really about. I looked up the definition and I like this one best: a celebration in acknowledgment of divine favours (emphasis mine). So instead of begrudgingly cooking and cleaning in preparation for a holiday spent with the in-laws, I have decided instead to use this holiday as a way to acknowledge all the wonderful blessings I have been given. This Thanksgiving feast will be prepared and presented as a celebration in thanks to God for blessing me so abundantly.

Some of the blessings I am thankful for are :

  • Neither my husband nor myself have ever had the heartache associate with losing a parent
  • We are doing all right financially in a time when so many are struggling.
  • I have really good kids. I mean seriously, they are great.
  • We are a healthy bunch.
  • I have a job that is stable and offers us access to good medical care.
  • I have a marriage that is still intact, even when marriages around us are falling apart.
  • I am extremely thankful for the 4 loyal friends I have (even though I’ve never even met one of them).

Those are just the things off the top of my head that I am thankful for, if I had lots of time to list them all it would be an extremely long list.  🙂

So as I am washing my fancy dishes, and spreading my fancy tablecloth, and placing each dish on the table, I hope it will be an acceptable offering and that God sees how sincerely grateful I am for my blessed life.