As I was looking over some of the other nominees on the Shape Best Blogger page (yes, that was a shameless plug), I noticed the woman on the front page crouching on the scale. I thought, “hmmm…that looks familiar” and then I realized that I have seen not necessarily that particular picture before, but that pose. Yes, I have seen this same pose numerous times before – a thin beautiful woman crouching down over her scale with a satisfied smile.  So I Googled the image did some extensive, exhaustive research and found numerous pictures of this pose.  Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself:

(you’re welcome for that last one, btw)

And this was only a small sampling of the images that came up when I Googled “crouching scale”. I mean, what the heck?!  Does anybody really do this?  Is this an effective way to get an accurate reading on your scale?  Do you weigh less when you crouch down? Are your eyeglasses so thick and heavy that you have to take them off and crouch your nearsighted self down to see your weight?  I mean, come on!!

I don’t know why this bugs me so much. I suppose there’s really only so many ways you can pose on a scale, but I want to some originality. How about a handstand? How about sitting cross legged? How about a tree pose?  I’m not a photographer and I’ve already come up with 3 different ways to pose on a scale. Where’s the creativity?

So it is my plea to the fitness photographers of the world to please, please, please stop with the crouching already!!!