Hey Gang!

Since the Shape.com Best Blogger awards went up on Friday, I’ve gotten about 30 new subscribers so I just wanted to say “Hey!” and welcome you to my sassy little world.  I appreciate you taking the time to check things out here and I hope you’ll stick around for awhile.  🙂

Speaking of the Blogger Awards thing, I’ve had some time to think about it. At first I was super excited about being nominated (let’s be honest, I still am!) and I even thought of outing my little blog to my real-life family and friends just so I could get more votes (only a select few family members know that I write this blog). But the more I thought about it, I’m not in this blogging thing for the fame or the stats. My goal is not to be the Best! Blog! Evah!, but to tell my story and hope that someone will nod her head in understanding right along with me. So if I come in dead last (which is a very real possibility) in this blogger award thing, I’m okay with that. For reals.

I started blogging because as I read more and more about losing weight, I wanted a place to sort my thoughts. I think with my fingers, so whether I’m making a to-do list or getting my frustrations out, I do it through writing. I can’t get it out of my head until I get it out of my fingers, ya know? So this is where I write it all out. All the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to losing weight.  When you come here, you won’t find a lot of research on the latest fitness trends (I’ve never done P90X) and you won’t find me revamping recipes (I like my chicken and dumplings just the way they are thankyouverymuch). I do very, very few reviews and/or giveaways, and I don’t tackle the hard hitting issues in the weight loss world (I don’t like to rock the boat). What you will find, is a very honest and real account of what it takes for this 40 year old to lose weight. I talk a lot about emotional eating and how to heal it. I talk about developing a good body image and how enjoy what the Good Lord gave you. And because I think I’m hilarious, you’ll probably find some humor thrown in for good measure because sometimes you can only laugh when the dressing room mirrors make you want to cry.

One thing I have learned through blogging is that my thoughts are not unique. I was shocked to discover that there are other women out there who will eat the last 4 Rice Krispy treats just so she won’t have to look at them anymore.  I was surprised to find that I wasn’t the only one who ate 12 Oreos out of spite after an argument with her husband (I’ve since learned not to do those things anymore). I loved it that I found women who had the same thoughts and feelings – I loved it that I wasn’t crazy after all.  My sincere hope is that when someone reads my blog, she (or he) will say “oh my gosh I do that too!” and they won’t feel so alone. It’s so much easier to tackle this hurdle called weight loss when you know there are others who know where you’ve been (and where you are heading).

So that’s it. That’s what I do here. I love to write and I love to encourage others in their weight loss efforts. If you have any questions, shoot me an email, or leave a comment – I dig the  comments (yes it is 1970, why do you ask?).

Later Taters!  🙂