I don’t know how this came about or who did it, but someone nominated me for Shape.com’s First Annual Best Blogger Awards.  I’m in the Weight Loss category and I’m in with some seriously heavy hitters – I mean, there are some extremely popular blogs in this category…blogs that get hundreds (thousands?) of readers every day.  What the heck am I doing here?!?  :/

I think I’m shellshocked. Heck, I’m thrilled that ANYBODY wants to read what I have to say, but to be nominated for something like this is FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!  🙂

Of course there is a first prize and even a  GRAND prize, but you know what? I totally don’t even expect to win, however, I also really really REALLY don’t want to lose by a landslide, so if you wouldn’t mind, please go vote for my little blog so I won’t feel like a huge loser. My self esteem thanks you.  And if you like my blog, feel free to pimp my blog to your friends and ask them to vote for me too please. I could be the Faberge Shampoo girl of the blogger awards!! (Don’t you love my current hip reference? I’m all about the pop culture.)

Oh, and voting starts today and ends October 28th, so you can vote for 3 weeks.


And now on to the weight loss portion of our show…

I’m down to 182.4 today. That makes 7.6 pounds lost since July 13th.  It sounds so unimpressive, doesn’t it? But I’m proud of each one of those 7 and a half pounds. My goal is not to lose 30 pounds, it’s to lose one pound. Every time I lose a pound my next goal is the next pound, or even half-pound. I try to focus on just losing the next little bit and the next little bit and the next little bit and so far, it’s working. I’m not making myself crazy with food-obsessive thoughts, I’m not counting each and every calorie that crosses my lips (I do track my cals, but in a less Nazi-like fashion), and I’m not beating myself up when I have a small indulgence. I’m taking things super slow and I have to say, I’m actually enjoying the weight loss process this time. That’s just crazy talk, right?! Maybe, but if it’s working I’ll crazy talk my way down to 150 eventually.

As far as exercising goes,  I think I’ve started making peace with that too. In my last post, I considered doing 31 days of uninterrupted exercise, but let’s get real…that ain’t gonna happen, especially with my vida loca. So I’ve decided to shoot for 6-7 days a week, knowing full well that kids, husbands, activities, and just plain “I don’t wanna” is going to get in the way a couple days out of the week. I’m thinking that if I shoot for 7 and hit 4 days a week, I’m still doing okay. And I’ve also decided that all I need to do right now is get my glorious self on the treadmill and just walk. A half hour every day is enough. (Do you hear me, Self?  A HALF HOUR EVERY DAY IS ENOUGH. There’s no need right now to come up with complicated workout routines…just start with what you know best – walking.)  I don’t know why I have to think exercise has to be some complicated, intricate thing…it really doesn’t. And I think that’s part of the peace-making process for me – realizing that it doesn’t have to be difficult. If I think it’s difficult, then that’s just an excuse not to do it, so let’s take the difficulty out of it, shall we?

So that’s what’s going on in my little corner of the blogosphere. Please please please go vote for me at Shape.com – and be warned, I’m going to be mentioning this A LOT over the next 3 weeks.  🙂