I like-a move it move it!

At least, I’d like to like to move it. The reality is, I don’t like to move it that much. But I want to!  So I’m thinking that since Saturday is October 1st, I’d like to charge head on with a new workout thing…something that will get me into the habit and into a groove. I have the trusty treadmill of course, but that just seems a little to boring, so I thought I could give The Shred a go one more time. My question is…should I try to do 31 consecutive days or would it be better to do just maybe 5 days in a row and then rest on the weekends?

Let’s analyze the possibilites, shall we?

The Pros of doing 31 consecutive days is that hopefully it would establish a habit for me. Plus I could advance through the levels more quickly (assuming I’m able to advance beyond level 1 at all). The Cons of 31 consecutive days is that Dayum…that’s 31 consecutive days…with no breaks!!! Would I burn out before the end of the month?

The Pros of just working out Monday through Friday are – weekends are free. I won’t have to worry about fitting in a workout during the unscheduled, sometimes crazy weekends. Also I am more active on the weekends anyway just because I’m not sitting at a desk for 8 hours like I do during the week.  The cons of working out 5 days on 2 days off would be, how hard will it be to start back up again on Monday? That’s my biggest concern – starting back up again after not doing it for 2 days.

So what say you? Knowing me as some of you do, or if you are a fitness experty-type, what would be the best scenario?  Which one would be the most likely to KEEP me on a fitness path? I eagerly await your responses!!  🙂

Eager Beaver is waiting...

11 thoughts on “I like-a move it move it!

  1. I can’t even think of what to comment. All I can think about is that crazy song. I listened to the WHOLE thing. Was that the original from the penguin movie, or just some crazy old guy from Madagascar? Or is it some very famous singer and I am just out of the loop? And what was that crazy creepy little creature that just stared at me the whole time the song was on?

    Okay, now that I’ve got that out of the way. No expert here, but “knowing you” and reading between the lines, how about setting the goal to do it 31 days in a row, with a “grace” day ONCE a week, if you just can’t get to it. I might get it out and watch it again. If I’m not going to the gym that might be just the thing I need, esp. to get my metabolism going.

    1. The song is from an animated movie “Madagascar” – it’s pretty funny even if you aren’t a kid. 🙂 The guy singing (and the one staring at you) is King Julian, self imposed leader of the Leemurs in the jungle. He’s hilarious.

      The grace day is a good idea. I can see how Sundays would be a problem for me, so that would probably be a grace day if I needed it.

      1. OHHHHH. Of course. Now I do feel like an old fuddy duddy. I think I’ll rent that so I can pretend to be hip again. Ouch, my hip hurts. dang it.

  2. The thing you need to remember is that to create an improved fit you, you need to engage in activities (or a level of) that you are willing to continue with. Lifestyle, not temporary. So, 31 days straight is unrealistic. Aside from that, it’s also unhealthy. You need breaks. That being said, I would not do two back to back days off. I’d go 6 days with 1 rest, OR if you want two days off, go 3 then 1 off then 2 then 1 off.

    Ask yourself what is the level of activity you think you can maintain. If it’s only 5 days a week, for the rest of your life (knowing that when you’re fitter it’s easier to do, and harder up front so you don’t want to get derailed) what are you TRULY willing to commit to?

    …and that song is totally on my ipod. 🙂 Excellent beat for tackling a hill on a run.

  3. I have been experimenting lately – trying to build up to 6 or 7 days a week – but I find that by day 5 I am completely out of energy. So for me, 3 or 4 days in a row works best with a total of 5 days a week and 2 days off but the days off are not in a row. A day off lets me recover.
    I don’t think even elite athletes do 31 days in a row. Especially not elite athletes! They know how to look after their bodies.

  4. I never plan days off. I always shoot for 7 days knowing life will get in the way at some point and I will miss a day or two.

    If you are referring to Jillian’s 30 day shred I think there would be no problem doing that every day. It is challenging, but it is 20 minutes. I understand the whole body needs rest thing but you work at a desk (as do I) so I think a 20 minute workout would be fine. It’s not like we are roofing houses or something all day.

    Jillian has some other good dvd’s ripped in 30, six week six pack, killer buns and thighs. All about 10 bucks. All would compliment each other and provide a little change to prevent boredom.

    Good luck!

  5. Hope the working out is going well. & I like the new look of the blog. And congrats on the 7.2 pounds down (on your last post).

    I do the same thing with exercise. One great week, one lousy week (I am in the midst of the lousy week). I love 30 day shred. I’ve never managed to make it past level 1, b/c I can’t stick with it. It’s short, but it’s intense. I am alwasy sore afterwards, There no way I could do 30 days in a row, not in the sha[e I’m in now.

    Anyway, I think it’s still all about balance. HOpe you are finding it!

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