At least, I’d like to like to move it. The reality is, I don’t like to move it that much. But I want to!  So I’m thinking that since Saturday is October 1st, I’d like to charge head on with a new workout thing…something that will get me into the habit and into a groove. I have the trusty treadmill of course, but that just seems a little to boring, so I thought I could give The Shred a go one more time. My question is…should I try to do 31 consecutive days or would it be better to do just maybe 5 days in a row and then rest on the weekends?

Let’s analyze the possibilites, shall we?

The Pros of doing 31 consecutive days is that hopefully it would establish a habit for me. Plus I could advance through the levels more quickly (assuming I’m able to advance beyond level 1 at all). The Cons of 31 consecutive days is that Dayum…that’s 31 consecutive days…with no breaks!!! Would I burn out before the end of the month?

The Pros of just working out Monday through Friday are – weekends are free. I won’t have to worry about fitting in a workout during the unscheduled, sometimes crazy weekends. Also I am more active on the weekends anyway just because I’m not sitting at a desk for 8 hours like I do during the week.  The cons of working out 5 days on 2 days off would be, how hard will it be to start back up again on Monday? That’s my biggest concern – starting back up again after not doing it for 2 days.

So what say you? Knowing me as some of you do, or if you are a fitness experty-type, what would be the best scenario?  Which one would be the most likely to KEEP me on a fitness path? I eagerly await your responses!!  🙂

Eager Beaver is waiting...