Today I weighed in for my Super Secret Weight Loss Group and I’m down 2 pounds!! According to my bathroom scale, I’m down to 188, but when I hopped on the Wii Fit this morning, it recorded my weight at 185.5. So I’m really not certain of how much I actually weigh, but I’m certain that I lost 2 pounds this week, so it’s all good. I’m more concerned with the progress than the actual number anyway, which is why I busted out the Mary Lou and weighed on her, too. I’m going to start using her once a week because she is brutally honest and will tell me exactly how much I have lost/gained but not the number.


At some point last week, as I was falling asleep in bed I was thinking about what I really needed to do to lose weight. Should I join Weight Watchers? Should I join TOPS? Should I check out South Beach Diet again? Oh I was asking myself all sorts of questions and playing out all kinds of complicated scenarios in my head. I finally got real with myself and thought “okay, knowing myself as I do, what’s it really going to take to lose weight?” The answer was as loud as a thunderbolt and clear as a bell: “EAT LESS FOOD, STUPID!!!”

Genius, no?

So that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 7 days. Not only eating less, but eating better too. I have a huge salad every day for lunch, fruit and cheese for my snacks, plus I’m trying to eat 4 meals a day and stop all the snacking in between. I’ve been tracking my calories in Calorie Count and trying to stay within a range of 1400-1600 calories, although some days I’ve been as low as 1100 (I know, I know, I need to stay with at least 1200 – that day was an anomaly). I’ve been a little bit hungry before meals, but not ravenous, so that’s good.

I’ve walked/jogged on the treadmill 5 of the last 7 days, too. I started C25K again this week (I actually started with Week 2), so I’ll be using that as a workout guide for now. I would love to be able to RUN an entire 3 miles, heck at this point I’d love to run one mile, so that’s my goal.

I also don’t mind telling you I’ve got a new motivation for losing weight. Two of my husband’s best friends have gone through/are going through a divorce right now. One of my good friends went through a divorce a few months ago. Another couple I know is separated. All of these couples have been together for 20+ years, and it has made me realize that you can’t take for granted that your spouse is always going to love you. You can’t just assume that they will love you because they “have to”.  Weight was not an issue in any of those marriages, and it’s not really an issue in mine, but I don’t ever want my weight to be on the list of Reasons My Husband Might Want a Divorce (I’m pretty sure my lack of cooking skills is on that list, but he knew that was a flaw of mine going in). If it is an issue, it’s MY issue and not his (at least he has the decency to pretend it’s not an issue for him if it is).

So that’s what’s going on with me. I’m going to stick with this exotic “eating less” idea and see where it takes me. Probably going to need some more salad ideas, so if you have a favorite add in for your salad, I’d love to hear it.

Peace Out!