I wish Just My Size wasn’t my size

Well sh*t.

I did it. I had to.

I finally broke down and bought size 18 pants. Le sigh.

I know I said I wouldn’t, but since we are going on vacay in a couple of weeks, I was thinking about how wearing cutesy skirts and flip flops probably wouldn’t be the best choice for an amusement park. Hence the need for bigger pants.

And actually they are capris and YES, I KNOW I just recently said that I couldn’t pull of the capris look, but the ones I tried on are a little more tapered and fall just below my very large calves, and since I’m vertically challenged they actually look more like crop pants than capris. They are lightweight and very comfy so I’m rather please with them. And I’m sorry but I’m just not ready to bare my chunky legs to the world in a pair of shorts. Nope, not gonna happen.

But still. My pants are size 18. Oh, that noise you just heard? That was the small sob escaping my throat.

And let’s not even talk about the fact that I still need to find a BATHING SUIT for the vacation. Sheesh won’t that be a lovely afternoon. That might just send me over the freaking edge.

I’ll wave to you from rock bottom.

6 thoughts on “I wish Just My Size wasn’t my size

  1. The good thing about hitting rock bottom is that the only way to go is up. Hope you have a great vacation no matter what size pants you’re wearing.

  2. That happens to me too–the capris turning into crop pants.

    You’re gonna have a great time. Just take a few extra steps in those capris, and swim a few laps in that new swimsuit. And then come back and tell us what a great time you had!

  3. Awww, girl, I hear you. Kuddos for getting something comfortable, though. I HATED buying a bathing suit for this season. Oh, I wish we were in circa 1920’s for swimwear. I did get a two-piece that looks like a one piece. That way I don’t have to get completely naked just to use the bathroom, and I can buy the top at a different size from the bottom.

  4. Try Lands End – quite a variety, good size range. I also have a one-piece that I got from JMS a few years ago that I like, but it’s starting to get worn out. (glad one can do swimsuit shopping via catalog these days!)

  5. I agree – sometimes we have to hit rock bottom. I have to on occasion. And its sad that I’m watching one of my dear friends about to do the same, but he needs to, and I can’t help him until he does. But that being said from rock bottom comes glass ceilings waiting to be busted through!

    If you need a weekly “church session” (as I like to call it) YOU MUST watch ABC’s Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. It’s amazing and showcases a new person undergoing an “amazing transformation” each Monday at 10 PM. Seriously. Its so emotional and enjoyable and relatable. You will totally love it. Definitely check it out!

  6. I am a landsend swim suit girl. I order the same suit in 3 sizes. The size I really think I need and then one size up and one size down. Yes, initial bill is outragious, but return what I need. Free shipping with orders placed at sears and no return shipping on returns to sears. I suggest calling (from home) and talking to one of their helpful customer helpers (if you have no idea what you need) and then taking list in to sears to have equally helpful people there do ordering (if you care about free shipping). I have had many landsend suits over the years. I personally have to have major bust support (I do better with underwire). And I have to have tummy support (excess skin and to balance out the fact that my size is determined by my bust and the tummy support means it fits better in belly). And I like suits built for swimmers (T back or cross back). and I like good underarm/chest side wall coverage (excess skin).

    I have also heard that JC Penneys sells tops and bottoms separately. I personally will only wear one piece because of excess belly skin.

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