So I got my very first ever mammogram this morning, and it really was no big deal. I’ve heard horror stories and was kind of dreading the whole thing, so when I got there and was out again 15 minutes later, I felt kind of  let down, sort of like the first time I had sex (“um…that’s it? Seriously?”).  It wasn’t horrible, it really wasn’t painful, maybe a bit uncomfortable but that’s all. Seriously the whole thing lasted maybe 20 minutes from the time I walked into the room until I walked back out again. And the best part is, I don’t have to think about it again for a whole ‘nother year! Unless of course they ‘see’ something on my scans…but we’ll cross that bridge if I ever need to cross it. Hopefully quickly and painlessly.

So yeah, if you are 40 or older and you’ve never had a mammogram – GET ONE!  Oh and when you go get one, you can’t wear deodorant, so remember to take some with you so you can put it one after you are finished. Guess who forgot to do that this morning?  Was it me? Yes, yes it was and now I have to go the whole day feeling sticky and hoping I don’t offend anyone. It’s a good thing work in an air conditioned office and sit behind a desk is all I’m saying. For probably the first time ever, I wish I Smelled like Teen Spirit.

So in other news, I’m really gunning for that Mom of the Year award. My daughter had to have a ROOT CANAL. She six years old, people!! What other 6 year old do you know that has to have  a root canal???? I mean, yeah I figured she’d have a couple of cavities (*cough4cough*) but when the dentist went to fill one of them he decided it needed a root canal instead. She’s a trooper though and did fine, but I just can’t get over the fact that my SIX YEAR OLD HAD TO HAVE A ROOT CANAL.  Because I? Am a horrible mother who doesn’t oversee the oral hygiene of her children. They brush their teeth, yes, but I guess Mallory was only brushing the front teeth, even though I told her to make sure she brushed the back teeth too.  So I’m pretty sure that the next time the Tooth Fairy comes to visit, she’s probably going to beat me over the head with her wand and yell at me to GET AN EFFING CLUE!!  Sheesh.

So (yes I’m fully aware  this is the 4th paragraph I’ve started with the word “so”) since I’m already in the boxing ring with myself, can we just talk about how dense I am?  I’m going to say this to myself one more time and so help me, if I don’t listen, I’m going to wring my own neck: SUGAR IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF SUGAR WILL NOT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD PHYSICALLY OR EMOTIONALLY. KNOCK IT OFF WITH THE SUGAR ALREADY!!!  I mean, really, why do I keep making this one mistake over and over again every. single. day?  It’s stupid, is what it is. Just this morning after my squishage, I stopped to fill my car up with gas and grab a coffee and guess who was staring me in the face as I turned around after getting my coffee? The Damn Donut Case, that’s who.  The “I deserve it” thought went through my head (why I thought I deserved it, I have no idea. Like I said, the mammogram was no big deal), and so I went with it. Now I’m all sugared up and feel like crud. Hate it when I do that. And we aren’t even going to talk about my little ice cream addiction that I’ve been feeding this week. (And why am I not losing weight? It’s a  complete mystery. Is what it is.)

Oh, and I heard from Richard yesterday. Three weeks after the initial call. Yeah, I don’t think he’s going to be very useful to me.  They sent me a Guided Meditation cd that I actually kind of like though. You’re supposed to listen to it every day and I think I’ve remembered to listen to it twice in the last two weeks.  I think it would be helpful if I would listen to it more. Anyone else ever do guided meditation before? It’s almost like being hypnotized I think. Not that I’ve ever been hypnotized (at least I don’t think I have) but it’s what I imagine being hypnotized to be like. I think the second time I listened to it, I feel asleep, but I had a really good nap so it’s all good.  🙂

Did I tell you all that I applied for another job? Don’t get excited – I haven’t heard anything from them yet. Which makes me sad because I thought FOR SURE that the instant they received my resume, they would call me for an interview. That was over a week ago and I have heard nary a peep from them.  Dangit.

Um, okay well I think that’s all I’ve got going on today. So glad it’s Friday, you have no idea. Enjoy your weekend!!  🙂