Wow – you guys were great with all the dinner suggestions and websites!!  I’ve already had Leslie’s BBQ salmon twice and it has earned a place in my regular rotation. I still need to do some more ‘sperimenting and find some more new dishes, but thanks to y’all at least I have some new places to look.

At the beginning of the year, I promised myself that I would go get all my medical-type testing stuff done this year, since I turned 40 and all. So far I’ve had a physical and my annual Lady Bits exam and on Friday I go get my first Mamm-o-gram (sounds like an old lady should come sing you a song while you are getting squished). So far all of my results have been great. I’m healthy. I’m a healthy woman.

Which sucks because that was my whole reason motivation excuse for losing weight. When my daughters ask me why I walk on the treadmill, I always tell them it’s because I want to get healthy. When they ask why I like to eat salads, I tell them it’s because I like to eat healthy food. Which is a total lie. I like to eat chocolate.

So, all these good test results are making me wonder why I’m trying to lose weight. And do I really NEED to lose weight? My motivations for losing weight now are purely vain and shallow. It’s because I want to be a smaller size. It’s because I want to look good.

vain, Vain, VAIN!!

But am I any different than 90% of the people out there who are trying to lose weight? Yes I do know of a few bloggers who have serious health issues who have changed their lives and their weight for the better (Pubsgal I’m looking at you), but really aren’t most of us doing it for vanity reasons?

But back to my original point – do I NEED to lose weight? If I’m already healthy…then what’s the point? If I can keep doing what I’m doing and keep my numbers good, then why should I even worry about losing weight? Well, I think I need to refer back to my post of 5/26/11 entitled Because…

because I’m starting to waddle when I walk

because my fat jeans are now my so-tight-they-are-inappropriate jeans

because when I jump on the trampoline, I’m afraid I’m going to rip it

because I don’t recognize myself in the mirror

because getting up off the floor is becoming harder and harder

because the older I get the harder it’s going to be

because I want people to say “she has pretty hair” and not “wow she’s gotten big”

because turning over in bed is an exercise in itself

because the elastic in my underwear is shot

because I don’t want my kids to be embarrassed

because 14 years is long enough


I suppose all of my reasons aren’t purely shallow and/or vain and I guess I’ll keep walking and Zumba-ing, and eating salads (I really do like salads, especially when there’s chocolate for dessert) and guzzling water and doing all those things that tend to whittle one’s waistline with the hope that my waistline will be whittled as well (alliteration, anyone?).

I suppose I’ll look at my weight loss as entree of practicality with a little bit of vanity on the side. And hopefully some chocolate for dessert.

Bon appetit!