because I’m starting to waddle when I walk

because my fat jeans are now my so-tight-they-are-inappropriate jeans

because when I jump on the trampoline, I’m afraid I’m going to rip it

because I don’t recognize myself in the mirror

because getting up off the floor is becoming harder and harder

because the older I get the harder it’s going to be

because I want people to say “she has pretty hair” and not “wow she’s gotten big”

because turning over in bed is an exercise in itself

because the elastic in my underwear is shot

because I don’t want my kids to be embarrassed

because 14 years is long enough

because I just don’t feel like I can do it on my own

That’s why.

6 thoughts on “Because

  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel, Jill. I just cannot find my motivation even though all the reasons you listed are the same for me, just staring me in the face. I had breast cancer 14 months ago and am doing great but I keep using it as an excuse. Sympathy eating, which is just crazy now that I am done with treatment and have been given an excellent prognosis. I just can’t get my head out of the “poor me” mode. I am eating right but the physical activity is sorely lacking. I just hate to exercise!! HATE IT. I love to walk and could walk for miles but that just isn’t taking off the Tamoxifen weight gain. I feel like a mouse in a wheel most days. You always make me laugh and feel like I am not alone in my crazy weight talks in my head.

    1. Congrats on the good prognosis!!! That’s wonderful!

      I’m so glad I can help, even if it just to give a laugh and commiserate. And contrary to your name – you are not living a solitary life. There are so, so many of us in this same boat!! Sedentary Sisters unite!!

      Hang in there, and keep checking in, okay? 🙂

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