My food filter is broken

So I’ve been emailing my new food therapist Dr. Debby, and in the midst of our discourse I mentioned that I no longer seem to be limiting myself anymore where food is concerned. A couple of years ago I wouldn’t touch mac and cheese with a ten foot fork, but lately I’m all about the cheesy/fatty goodness. I told Debby, “it’s like my food filter is broken”.

AHA!  Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Because that’s exactly what it feels like. The filter I used to use to limit the amount and kind of food I ate has been turned off for quite some time. But why? Why did my food filter break and how do I unbreak it?

I think the answer to the first question is twofold (I love saying “twofold”):   1) I just stopped caring and 2) I got out of the habit. I was under a lot of stress last year and food was my security blanket. I didn’t care that there were 1200 calories in the 3 bowls of ice cream I ate, I only knew that it tasted good. The less I cared about what I was eating, the further away my habit of limiting my foods got.

So how do I un-break my food filter? Well, I think in the reverse way that I broke it. I’m starting to care again (seeing your highest weight ever will do that) and I just have to practice limiting my foods until it becomes a habit again.  Sounds easy enough right?

Well, it ain’t.

But I think it’s doable. I’ve got my duct tape and my elmer’s glue and some string and I’m going to try and fix my filter the best I can.

Where’s that cute but annoying Ty Pennington when you need him?


4 thoughts on “My food filter is broken

  1. Ahhh Jill, I just love this post. Let me know how the duct tape and elmers glue work for you and I’ll go out and buy a whole case of the stuff, lol.

  2. Look at us, asking questions and posting about them on the same day.

    Wonder Twins…Activate!

    We can get there. Keep asking questions, looking for answers, getting the cute HGTV dude to help us along. As long as Hildy doesn’t show up….. she is scary! 🙂

  3. Broken food filter = BRILLIANT! I’m trying to think if I’ve heard this concept anywhere else, but I can’t think of anything. Its just suck a good illustration. And it can happen so easily. One thing leads to another, and pretty soon the filter is so clogged that it just doesn’t work any more. That happened to me a couple of years ago when I was doing all that stuff for dad and his wife. I started getting treats on those drives back and forth that I never would have gotten, and pretty soon, more and more off-limits foods were becoming regular habits. And you’re right. Fixing it is a LOT harder than breaking it…

    Cute but annoying Ty Pennington–good description!

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