Again, not surprised, but disappointed.  I ate well this week, until last night, and I only worked out one day this week.  For some reason I have been extra tired this week and when my alarm went off I just didn’t want to get up.  I worked out on Tuesday morning and then went to Zumba Tuesday night – and I didn’t even want to go to that but two friends texted me and asked if I was going, so I went. What I really wanted to do was take a nap, but I Zumba’d instead, and I was glad I did. But that’s the only activity I got in for the week.

Food-wise I did well all week (mostly). Salads for lunch, light foods for dinner, no bingeing after work…I was patting myself on the back until last night. I had eleventy million errands to run after work and it was getting late, so I called the hubs and asked him if he wanted me to pick something up (big mistake ). I was hoping he would give me an idea of something quick we could fix at home, but instead he said “yeah, get some KFC.” Then he asked the kids, “hey do you all want KFC for dinner?” and of course they all said “YES!!!!”.  I had planned to eat just a small piece of chicken and some cole slaw, but once I got home I was STARVIN’ MARVIN (it was almost 7pm when I got home – had my late lunch at 2pm) and I inhaled a huge piece of chicken along with the sides.  I knew then that I had sunk my chances for a loss at weigh in this morning.


I’m also out of all my healthy staples so I’m going to have to go the store AGAIN – I swear I feel like I’ve been to the store 17 times this week – to stock up on healthy stuff AGAIN. Not sure what this weekend holds. Weekends are always hard, but I should be able to get in a work out.  Hey, here’s a question – Wii Fit:  do you feel like you get a good workout with it? I did a solid hour on that thing one night and never broke a sweat. I did all of the cardio games, but it just didn’t seem like it was intense enough. I’d like to put it into my workout rotation, but I feel like I’m wasting my time.  Any hints on how to get in a good workout with it?

Okay, well that’s all I’ve got for now.  Have a great weekend everyone!  🙂