Hey everybody! Got big plans for the weekend?

Shawn asked me if I wanted to fish some couple’s tournaments with him, and I can’t imagine why he would want to take me fishing with him.  Surely it couldn’t be because of this:

here fishy fishy fishy

Yes, I caught that hog all by myself a couple of weeks ago. So of course now Shawn thinks I’m going to be a great fishing partner, and tomorrow we will be spending approx 10 hours in the boat trying to catch 5 big ones. First place wins $1500, so send lots of good fish-catching vibes my way! Even if we don’t win, maybe I’ll score some good swag at the weigh in. Here’s hoping.


You know what I hate? Coworkers who keep interrupting me!!!  Seriously, it’s Friday afternoon – I have no desire to hear about your former secretary and how she got her lawn mower stolen!!!  Go home, for crying out loud!!


Anyway, this week found me making all sorts of horrible choices regarding food. Why is it that in the very moment of consumption, my choices seem completely justified? “It’s cold and it’s rainy. Of course I need an apple pie and a caramel mocha from McDonald’s. That Subway sandwich just wasn’t very filling, anyway.” And yet, as soon as I wipe the crumbs away from my lips, I give myself a mental facepalm and realize how completely ridiculous that is.  Why can I not learn to have these moments of clarity before the sabotage begins?

The good thing about this week, however, is that I got in lots of good exercise.  Four days on the elliptical, one session of Jillian Michael’s Shred, and one Zumba class.  The Shred and Zumba were on the same day (Shred in the AM and Zumba in the PM) and I’m telling ya, it darn near did me in.  I was so tired and cranky all the next day, I was beginning to wonder if something wasn’t wrong with me.  Maybe I was just sweating out all the crankiness!

Okay well, let’s get to it. I weighed in this morning and the magic number is…




Le sigh. I gained a pound.


I shouldn’t be surprised, and really I’m not. I realized that I haven’t been buying many of my healthy staples in the last couple of weeks (salad, yogurt, string cheese, etc) so I’m going this afternoon to replenish my supplies. Hopefully that will make it easier to make better choices next week. Got to fine tune my plan because I am ready to start seeing some results, no matter how small they may be.


I have to go and get all of my stuff ready to take with me tomorrow – and you bet your sweet petunias I’m taking Kindle with me. I’m going to need a break from all that casting and reeling!  Have a great weekend! 🙂